21 a free resource to practice English at any age

Games, courses, movies and much more for those who want to take in the language without leaving home, offers a “Lifehacker”.

21 бесплатный ресурс для практики английского языка в любом возрасте

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If you find it difficult to engage with the child, don’t blame yourself — it’s okay! The important thing is that you can do is to provide the student practice the language and your motivation. This will help children’s YouTube channels, educational games and other useful resources.

1. Pinkfong! Kids’ Songs & Stories

YouTube channel with short cartoons and fun songs on different subjects (there are subtitles). This is a great contribution to the creation of the language environment at home for children. A child can both dance and sing along, learn to read independently and listen to the materials with you before bedtime.

2. Art for Fids Hub

Short drawing lessons in English. Artistic creativity is helpful for the child in itself — why not combine it with the practice of a foreign language? This can be a wonderful family team building, or even independent lessons for the little ones.

3. TED Education

Exciting learning videos for the most inquisitive of the younger scholars. Videos from the simple to complex: choose a suitable level and do not forget the subtitles, and the ability to reduce and increase the playback speed.

4. Smithsonian Institute

A list of educational games for children in English from the Smithsonian institution. Choose the most interesting and run directly in the browser.

5. Education.com

Games do not happen: another portion of educational online entertainment in English for the little ones.

6. National Geographic

A storehouse of useful content for nature lovers: games and short videos that will allow you to learn more about animals, plants and space. However, it requires a fairly good knowledge of the language.

7. San Diego Zoo Kids

Fascinating educational website from the famous zoo of San Diego. Another boring way to get acquainted with the names of animals and their habitat in English.

Teens and adults

Don’t try to master everything at once. Engage in pleasure that the practice of language brought not only knowledge, but joy.

1. Quizlet

Every student knows that cramming new words is the most boring and exhausting things to do. And every teacher is aware that it is also one of the most ineffective that you can spend time. However, in the Quizlet, you can compose lists of necessary vocabulary and reinforce new words by using different exercise. Is there a mobile app for iOS and Android, and it’s even easier than the website.

2. Learn English with TV Series

Popular and all your favorite TV shows, only now with a job analysis of the vocabulary and grammatical structures.

3. BBC Learning English

Popular British media resource offering free English courses and exercises. Suitable for any level of training.

4. LyricsTraining

Music lovers will certainly be delighted to sing along with the performers of your favorite songs is now even easier. You will practise your listening comprehension and learn new words and expressions. By the way, except English available more than 10 languages. Download for iOS and Android.

5. TED Talks

Reading in English. The website is beautiful not only because of the performances to watch with subtitles, but also the fact that the authors provide transcriptions of each lecture. This means that unfamiliar words must not be afraid.

6. Khan Academy

YouTube channel dedicated to analysis complex topics from the curriculum. Videos are divided into playlists by subject, so you can start with the most interesting. It will be useful not only to students but also to those who want to refresh their knowledge in chemistry, mathematics or biology. Requires language fluency.

7. Grammar.net

A useful resource for advanced level. Suggest you look at the Infografic section where understands complex vocabulary.

8. Englishfox.ru

On this site it is possible to study and to have fun. Whether you are looking for new words on a certain subject, want to repeat the grammar or to watch the latest episode of Ellen with subtitles — it’s all here.

9. Coursera

Courses from different fields from top companies and universities around the world. All of them are available with English subtitles. If you’re not yet comfortable with your English skills, try the course “Learning to learn” by Barbara Oakley. You can also visit https://www.slcedu.sg/english-tuition-singapore.

10. Documentary Heaven

The name speaks for itself: it is a Paradise for lovers of documentary films! Huge video library is divided into categories, among which you will definitely find topics on taste: from archaeology, space and sports to crime, business and stories about celebrities.

11. EdX

Here you can find a variety of courses from different fields of knowledge. Including some of the best in the world for beginners.

12. OpenLearn

Another catalog of free courses from The Open University.

13. British Council

Selection of resources for learning and practicing language from the British Council. Educational materials are divided into three groups: for children, teenagers and adults.

14. American English Speech

Open course from the University Carnegie Mellon for those who want to buy a American pronunciation like a native speaker.

Cheers and good luck in training!


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