22 secret savings at Costco

Buyers love Costco for its low price, wholesale packaging and, of course, the opportunity to try some products. This warehouse store is based on membership, which will cost from 60 to 120 dollars per year. Costco membership includes many benefits and discounts, including cheaper petrol, discounts on leisure and on medication. The store also offers a variety of savings opportunities in addition to their already low prices.

22 секрета экономии в Costco

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The network offers many additional savings opportunities that simply need to know where to look, writes Business Insider.

Choose goods in the Central part of the store

Bright Windows in the front of the store look bright and beautiful, but the products they are usually more expensive. Go to the Central part of the shop to find the best price offers.

The asterisk on the price tag

If the item on the price list shows the asterisk, it means that its reserves will not be replenished. Be sure to buy it while you have the chance.

Separate wholesale products with family and friends

Buying goods in bulk implies significant savings, but you may not have the space to store it all. Therefore it is necessary to split these purchases with friends or relatives.

Visit the sale at the end of the season and the end of the summer

Costco spends very profitable sale at the end of the seasons, especially in late summer. Seasonal items during these sales, much uznayut to make room for new products.

Shop at the food court

Food court Costco offers some of the cheapest food such as hot dog and soda for $ 1.50 or 1.99 dollar for a slice of pizza.

Codes on price tags

If the item price ends at 0.99, it means that the goods sold at the regular price, without discount. Products with prices ending in 0.97 are sold at a discount. And if you see a price ending by 0.88, this means final markdown.

Stock up on products Costco”s Kirkland Signature

Famous brand Costco Kirkland Signature for sale everywhere in the store and offers different categories of products — from snacks and shirts to paper towels.

Kirkland products are usually cheaper than the products of famous brands. For example, Kirkland sells snacks, very similar to Kind bars, about 60% of the price Kind.

Buy gift cards

Costco sells discount gift cards for restaurants, movies and travel that allows you to get discounts at Costco style where ever you go.

Try free samples, but don’t buy them

Everyone love free samples at Costco, but they often lead to impulsive purchases that end up costing you more money, though you are not right.

Check out the book Department

Like many specialized bookstores, Costco usually starts to sell new books very early, while at low prices.

Buy the candy until Halloween and Christmas

Wholesale candy packaging is unlikely that you will need throughout the year, but Halloween and Christmas are just.

Take advantage of the return policy

Costco has a very generous refund policy. In fact, members of the network can even get away with a return eaten food.

Use the pharmacy

Drugs at Costco is much cheaper than many other pharmacies. Moreover, you do not need to be a member of the club network to make purchases at the pharmacy.

Try Cash Cards

Cash Card from Costco is essentially a gift card that you can use in Costco stores or on the website of the company. Only members can buy them, but anyone can use them.

Get part of the money for the purchase back by using the right credit card

Visa is the only credit card accepted at Costco. But if you use Visco Costco Anywhere, you can get a refund of 2% of the money spent for purchase online or 4% of the money spent at gas stations and Costco.

Focus on core products

Costco offers great prices on most goods, but the main products here especially cheap. Milk, bread and eggs at Costco is often much cheaper than Walmart and other stores. Costco keeps prices on these products to encourage a visit to the shops, because buyers of milk and bread runs much faster than other products.

Check your mail for coupons Costco

Costco does not accept coupons from manufacturers, but sends out coupons to participants once a month. Costco coupons offering discounts on groceries, electronics, furniture and seasonal goods.

If you have the opportunity, make purchases on weekdays

Mid-week crowds at Costco are much smaller, so it is better to shop on the weekend.

Bring your own bags

Instead of bags for shopping, Costco offers its customers cardboard boxes. If you don’t want to lug large boxes across the Parking lot, you can simplify the task, taking with him from home a few bags reusable.

Talk to support

The customer service Costco is a great place to ask for more coupons, view your past purchases without a receipt and to know about the remuneration.

Refuel at Costco

Many Costco stores also have gas stations so you can refuel your car at a discount.

Use warehouse discounts

Costco offers periodic discounts over their already low prices. The retailer calls them “inventory discounts”, but in fact this is the usual sales. They happen about once a month.