23 ways to learn English without leaving home

People always say that the best way to learn English is to immerse yourself in the language environment. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to spend a months vacation in the country where they speak another language. This writes Babbel.

23 способа выучить английский язык, не выходя из дома

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Thanks to the miracle of technology and a little human ingenuity you can surround yourself in English anytime and anywhere.

Change the default language of your phone. It’s easy.

Listen to podcasts and news in English. There are plenty of great options educational podcasts in various languages, including English.

Watch your favorite TV show with English subtitles. Netflix has a useful section that allows you to search by subtitle languages.

Sign all that you have stickers in English. It will also show your guests how much you cultural. In addition, it will regularly help to acquaint you with the language you are learning, so you can really feel that you are immersed in the language environment.

Cook your food recipes in English. It can combine your love of language with your love of food, and will also allow you to explore a new culinary culture. Any mistakes that you make, will become apparent during dinner.

Do a search on the Internet in English. Yes, we used to seek in their native language, but there are many sites in English.

Read the news in another language. Admit it, you still bothered to read the news in Russian. Publication offering news in many languages, but you can also read the local news to learn about the culture of the language you are learning.

Train your dog or cat in another language. Training your dog in another language not only possible, but a lot of fun. The dictionary may be limited, but it is at least a clever trick at the party.

Get a pen PAL who lives in another country. There are many places online where you can meet people. You can try to find someone who study the same language as you, or you can find someone who is studying your language and offer to exchange knowledge.

Watch movies from other countries. You can’t truly appreciate “Ratatouille,” until you see it in French. In addition, there are a lot of great movies that were perevedeny. The growth of streaming services has made learning English easier than ever.

Write your to-do list in English. Adding these simple tasks to your day will provide you at least some language practice, even if you have no time to sit down and do a lesson.

Order food in a foreign language. This may seem strange if you start to speak Spanish when you order tapas, but if you find a truly bilingual waiter worth a try.

Play video games in English. This can be done by either changing the settings on video games, or play multiplayer games with people who speak English. There is no reason that the only language you need to learn in World of Warcraft, was elven.

Talk with colleagues in another language. It would be useful if you know what they are really interested in language. Who knows, maybe you will get the support of his entire office.

Create an account in Instagram for your language alter ego. If you like fashion, food or travel, you have accounts in Instagram, which you can follow on different languages. And if you don’t want to fill your main channel Instagram content in another language, create a second Instagram just for learning.

Keep Twitter in English. Instagram and Twitter combines your interests in language learning. It is easy to account in any language. If the Pope can tweet in Latin, you can too.

Read books in English. Reading in translation is good, but the ability to understand literature in the original language is a fantastic experience. If you are just starting out, keep a dictionary nearby.

Read BuzzFeed in another language. Although many websites have versions of their articles in several languages, BuzzFeed has enough content to interest any language learners.

Join English speaking groups in Facebook. Although a few years ago it seemed that everyone is leaving Facebook, Facebook group brought back a lot of people back. There are groups dedicated to all sorts of topics, whether you want to find a community that deals specifically with language learning, or you just want to find funny memes are in English. In the end, memes is the only universal language.

Listen to music in English. No, not just something like “Despacito”. Music can be a great resource if you diligently will translate words in your head or just play the songs you like in the background.

Learn to swear in a new language. You obviously will have fewer problems if you swear in a foreign language.

Keep an online diary in English. It is also a good way to record their language journey, and you can see that over time it becomes easier. Depending on how creative you want to be, you can create a language diary, worthy of Instagram that will be useful and beautiful.

Oh, and also, you can install the app for language learning. There are many similar apps, just select what you like and use it.



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