$2400 per month in extra Federal aid, which many do not know

While many Americans look forward to the next round of financial support, and the House of representatives voted for the adoption of the law HEROES $3 trillion, there is a tendency to forget that the law CARES has provided many Americans an allowance of $2400 per month, Forbes reports.

$2400 в месяц дополнительно: федеральная помощь, о которой многие не знают

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Amid official unemployment rates at 14.7%, millions of Americans were left without a livelihood as a result of the pandemic COVID-19. Many of them are entitled to unemployment benefit in accordance with the Law CARES, and compared to him a check for $1200 looks modest.

This allowance is known as the “Assistance in case of pandemic unemployment” (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance) and provides for up to $600 a week ($2400 over a four-week month) in addition to unemployment benefits in your state. Payments are structured in the framework of two programs:

  • Federal unemployment compensation in connection with the pandemic (Pandemic Unemployment Compensation Federal — FPUC) valid from 29 Mar 2020 31 July 2020 and will make $600 over and above weekly benefits.
  • The compensation for unemployment in case of emergencies in pandemic (Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation — PEUC) valid from 29 Mar 2020 to 31 December 2020 and adds an additional 13 weeks beyond the 26 weeks of initial benefits.

Overall, unemployed Americans can receive benefits up to 39 weeks — $23 400 in support within 9 months. It is on average $2,600 a month if you want to get the full benefits during the entire period.

Some States do not provide unemployment insurance to those who are self-employed, independent contractors or employees of higenamine, but the program PUA does it.

Who is eligible for benefits

The right to receive benefits varies from state to state. Two main rules are that you become unemployed without their fault and have fulfilled the requirements and wages for the base period during which you received unemployment benefits.

In some States it is allowed to obtain insurance payments for unemployment, if you have shortened working hours. You can use a government web site to find links to your state as well as the data to apply online and by phone.

The standard base period is 4 of the last 5 completed calendar quarters before the date of application. Maximum weekly payment is $430. Alternative base period is the last 4 calendar quarter, and the maximum benefit is still $430.

Who is not entitled to payment

If you receive other benefits such as holiday pay due to illness, or can work remotely — you are not eligible for additional assistance. In these situations, you have no right to claim the unemployment benefits in the state. As a rule, if you are entitled to the benefit of the state, you are entitled to PUA.

In some cases, you can qualify for a PUA

In many cases, you are not eligible for insurance state unemployment, but PUA qualify can.

Here is a partial list of situations:

  • you were supposed to start work, but are unable to do so because COVID-19;
  • you had a job offer that was canceled;
  • you are self-employed, an independent contractor or work in the state, does not offer benefits for these groups;
  • you don’t have enough seniority to qualify for benefits in the state;
  • you have exhausted your state benefits;
  • you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, or you were forced to isolate themselves as a result of contact with a sick person;
  • you are caring for a family member who was diagnosed with COVID-19;
  • you can’t work, because your children can’t attend school or kindergarten.

How much to pay under the PUA manuals

In contrast to the benefits of state unemployment calculated on the basis of earnings and employment, payments equal to PUA, if you meet the criteria.

Programme Handbook PUA is one of the advantages of your state.

As a rule, States do not pay unemployment benefits until your claim is processed, and the waiting period is one week. This waiting period was effectively repealed by the Law CARES, and you will begin to receive benefits.

How do I apply for PUA

You can apply through the website on which you apply for unemployment insurance in your state, even if you are not eligible for unemployment benefits. Your staff will process the application and make the necessary payments.

You may be asked to submit the documents confirming the declared income. Be ready to show your annual tax return, forms 1099, W-2, pay stubs and any other documents that support your statement.

Remember that unemployment benefits are considered taxable income.

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