25 free online services for learning English

Think it’s time to improve your English, but not enough time? And good courses will cost a pretty penny. This collection of online services will help you to master the English language.

25 бесплатных онлайн-сервисов для изучения английского языка

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1. Duolingo offers to learn fun and interesting. You earn points for correct answers, solve problems on time and improve your level. For each class are awarded prizes and bonuses. And, you can invite friends and compete with them. Ideal for those wishing to start from scratch. Is there a mobile app for iOS and Android, says MC Today.

2. Puzzle English. Choose your level, the purpose of learning the language, register and immediately start studying. The procedure is based on the movie and TV series with subtitles, which allows you to expand your vocabulary and train listening.

3. Myanimelist says that it is possible to learn a foreign language, doing just 10 minutes a day. In free mode the available flash cards, that is easy to remember new words and go to a new level. Is there a mobile app for iOS and Android.

4. FluentU. There are videos, films, TV shows in the original — anything that helps to get as close to the language environment. You can also use the mobile application for iOS and Android.

5. Real English website with video tutorials, interactive exercises that allow you to memorize words, phrases, and their pronunciation is not trivial memorization of rules, but the format of natural speech. Available a mobile version for iOS and Android.

6. Merge — saturated more than 200 courses, intellectual education technology, 20 000 video with native speakers and chat-bots. This is enough to transform online learning English a pleasure. Is there a mobile app for iOS and Android.

7. BBC Languages. A short video, life hacks, lessons on vocabulary, grammar, transcription, pronunciation, and all that will be useful to both novices and users with above average.

8. LinguaLeo. Motivation to daily activities your virtual lion you want to feed meatballs — advances in the study of language, whether vocabulary, watching videos on various subjects or training of pronunciation. Is there a mobile app for iOS and Android.

9. On the website Situational English contains articles that offer ready-made expressions, idioms and sustainable constructions, so you can use them in everyday life, at work or traveling. All materials are written in simple and accessible language.

10. LearnEnglish available in English. Here is a collection of lessons, games, books, dictionaries, courses, songs, radio, chat. So if you teach language, in all its manifestations at once.

11. Learn American English online. The materials on the site are marked with a rainbow of colors, corresponding to different levels. And teacher Gender teaching free English lessons online in video format.

12. Learnathome focuses on 5 powerful tools: warm-up, writing, grammar, speaking, listening. You’ll receive a personalised schedule of 30 minutes per day for any level, from Elementary to Advanced.

13. Оroro.tv — service for learning English while watching videos. It can be movies, popular TV shows, TED talks, with Russian subtitles or with several simultaneously.

14. To learn the language through short films — quite an exciting experience. According to this principle, the site works Film-english.

15. Training your vocabulary on FreeRice, you earn a living. Not literally, of course, but virtual precisely.

25 бесплатных онлайн-сервисов для изучения английского языка

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Free online English courses

  • On edX you can easily and absolutely free of charge to learn grammar (English Grammar and Style), writing essays (How to Write an Essay), to comprehend spoken English (Conversational English Skills) to prepare for the IELTS test (IELTS Academic Test Preparation) and TOEFL (TOEFL Test Preparation: The Insider”s Guide).
  • Prometheus Ukrainian site offers a complete online course “Business English”. It helps to learn key business vocabulary and some elements of grammar and includes practice for the study of common in a business environment situations.
  • On Coursera in the category “Learning English” you will find dozens of courses to improve spoken and written English: for test preparation, for business, for journalists, for beginners and those who want to write scientific texts in English. The authors of the courses — professors of foreign universities.
  • On the platform Futurelearn popular Understanding IELTS: Techniques for English Language Tests. It is designed for those who want to prepare for the IELTS test, which is necessary for work and study abroad. Also helpful would be other courses from the British Council.

Telegram-channels for learning English

The messenger is always time. So why not spend it usefully? Subscribe to useful channels and receive a portion of new information every time he looks in the phone.

1. Slang Bang! publishes daily English expressions which are not found in textbooks. If academic English is too boring, want to expand their knowledge in a conversational, learn new ways words and expressions, then subscribe to this channel — the best solution. 73 000 subscribers will not lie.

2. English from scratch — a godsend for those who can not bring themselves to understand the peculiarities of the English language and wants to increase the current level. Here you will find the inspiration and motivation to learn the language and useful information on grammar, analysis of sentences, new words and expressions, tips for independent language learning.

3. English in surveys. The name of the channel speaks for itself: take part in the polls and quietly day after day to learn new English words. Fun, useful and no cramming.

4. English of the Day created for you to learn more spoken English phrases, idioms and slang. They enliven it and bring it to one that can be heard from the lips of a native speaker.

5. English. First came the canal, you feel like a linguistic flea market: images, tables, phrases, single words translation, lessons, useful articles — complete chaos. But with time you will understand the value of the material and will not want to miss the new publication.

6. Neperevodimoe. The author of the channel in an easy manner, shares stories from his life, adding to the text of one English idiom that fits the theme. Most of the phrases are not translated into Russian literally, which explains the name of the channel.

7. English for Life — a good modern tutorial on English. There will not be pretentious language constructs that you will never use. All phrases are applicable.