26-year-old woman killed 4 days after moving into her home

26-year-old woman killed 4 days after moving house ; in his house


The 26-year-old young woman who died in a head-on collision after illegal overtaking in Laval on Monday evening died four days after moving into a brand new house with her partner.< /p>

“I find it sad that today, to save a few minutes, we take risks and take lives from people who don't deserve it”, says Luigi Eugen Kuncer, his throat knotted with emotion.

Around 10:30 p.m. on Monday, his daughter Marie-Jade Kuncer and his spouse were driving on Route 335, in Laval, on their way back from dinner at a restaurant.

That's when the 19-year-old driver of a sports utility vehicle (SUV), who was traveling in the opposite direction, allegedly veered from his lane to perform an illegal overtaking.

The violence of the he impact left Marie-Jade no chance. 

His companion, who was behind the wheel, got away with several broken bones.

The driver of the SUV and his 24-year-old passenger were also seriously injured. We don't fear for their lives.

Wasted lives

Although devastated, the parents of the deceased agreed to give themselves to the Journal, in the hope of raising awareness among motorists who take risks on the road.

“Ç' ruined the lives of two young girls, outlines the mother, Elise Grenier. People are not aware of the danger when driving a vehicle.

Marie-Jade, who recently obtained a promotion at the Société de transport de Montréal, and her girlfriend of the past three years had just begun a new chapter in their lives. 

Barely a few hours before the tragedy, they were finishing the furnishing of their newly purchased house in Saint-Jérôme.

“I helped them put the boxes away. We had finished placing everything, we had popped the champagne together, says Elise Grenier. I am happy to have lived this moment with the two girls, to have told my daughter how proud I was of her. »

“I would really like young [drivers] to take the time. That they go too quickly in life, it does not lead to anything good, adds Luigi Eugen Kuncer. I will never grandfather my big baby's babies. »

Wave of love

The tragedy also caused a wave of love towards the Kuncer family, a little balm in the circumstances.< /p>

“I didn't know my daughter had so many friends. She had so much love and friends around her,” Mr. Kuncer realizes. less. »

The driver of the SUV could be charged with dangerous driving causing death. The investigation following its course, the Laval police have not made any arrests for the moment.

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