270 kilometers on a single charge: what is interesting in the first production Mini Cooper SE (photo)

270 километров на одной зарядке: чем интересен первый серийный Mini Cooper SE (фото)

Despite the fact that parent company BMW, which, as is known, is a division of Mini electric I3 has been successfully produced here for six years, the British were able to start production of environmentally friendly model just now. Most likely, the German manual they just were not allowed to do so. After all, the first electric Mini E as the experimental batch of 600 samples were submitted in 2008.

The obtained technical achievements were embodied in the German model. Another step towards the electrification of the Mini began production in 2017, the rechargeable hybrid cars Cooper Countryman SE and representation of a concept car MINI Electric. And here 2019 has heralded the arrival of the first production Mini Cooper SE.

The official premiere of the first production electric hatchback Mini Cooper SE was recently held in Rotterdam. Remarkably, its design is generally similar to the concept car 2017, the characteristic features of which are enclosed radiator grille and a number of yellow decorative elements on the exterior, signature logo MINI Electric, as well as the original chetyrehspalnyh purely “electric” rims.

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Trunk volume is the same as the models with traditional internal combustion engine (ice): 211 litres in the stowed state and 731 liter with folded rear seat backs. To maintain clearance as the other models of the Mini Cooper S, the body of electrochemica raised to 18 millimeters.

270 километров на одной зарядке: чем интересен первый серийный Mini Cooper SE (фото)

Compared to DVS-fellows in the cabin of the electric vehicle occurred a minimum of changes. Key note touch 5.5-inch instrument panel eDrive, the Parking brake is electrically operated and the signature yellow accents. Multimedia system with screen 6.5 or 8.8 inches available with support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There is also wireless charging for smartphones, cruise control and dual-zone climate control with highly efficient heat pump, quickly and economically for the battery heating the interior in cold season. The character of the movement in an electric vehicle can be changed by selecting one of four riding modes: Sport, Mid, Green and Green+. In particular, the Sport makes the “habits” of the electric car more rigid, MID and Green modes are focused on a comfortable drive, while the Green+ gives the maximum efficiency in terms of economical driving.

Electric capacity of 184 horsepower, outstanding torque of 270 N. m, borrowed from the BMW i3. With him the British model accelerated to 60 miles per hour in 3.9 seconds, and to a hundred in 7.3 seconds. Maximum speed is limited by electronics on a mark of 150 kilometers per hour. But the traction battery from UK models own — with a capacity of 32.6 kW, while the German — 42,2 kW. Although the stated power reserve on a single charge from Mini Cooper SE good: 235-270 kilometers depending on conditions.

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Charger port battery located above the rear wheel right in place of fuel tank cap models with internal combustion engines. Charging from AC (home outlet, wall-mounted Wallbox or a public station) can go from power up to 11 kW, in which 80 percent of the battery will be filled within two and a half hours, and 100 percent for three and a half.

Serial production of the Mini Cooper SE will establish in the factory of the brand in Oxford. Pre-orders are already being taken, in particular in Germany, France, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands. Has announced the prices for electric cars — taking into account government subsidies of basic price in the UK is 24 400 pounds (about 30 $ 400), but the top-end variant will pull 30 £ 400 (37 800 dollars).

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