29-year-old plus-size model Iskra Lawrence is waiting for the firstborn

Model plus size sparkle Lawrence will become a mother soon. A girl announced on Instagram about the pregnancy and said that would give birth in April next year.

29-летняя плюс-сайз модель Искра Лоуренс ждет первенца

Model Iskra Lawrence pregnant by her lover Philip Payne, with whom she found little more than a year. Good news the girl said in his Instagram by posting a photo, which holds a pregnancy test and Phillip hugged and kissed her.

“This is not the two of us, soon we will become a family of three. When Philip ran out of the house and bought six packs of tests that can determine pregnancy at an early stage, our lives changed forever,” — said Iskra followers, adding that she is now in 17th week of pregnancy.

“I can’t wait to tell you what were the last four months of my life. I’ve never been this excited about a fast meeting with someone and totally in love with your tummy,” said brand lucky model.

Also Lawrence decided to help one of podeschi, who was also awaiting the birth of the child, so that soon the model will hold a raffle, the main prize will be the reward of 10 thousand dollars. This money should help the girl in a difficult situation. The model has promised to publish details very soon.

Spark and Philip met last February at the Grammy awards, and began Dating after 8 months close contact. That her heart unfree, Lawrence announced in may of this year.

Congratulations to the model and wish her a pleasant pregnancy and easy delivery!