3 costly mistakes that we often make at the gas station

Nobody likes feeling when you paid, and the tank remained empty. But you can easily make the situation worse, allowing a few simple and in same time very common mistakes. This writes the Money Talks News.

3 дорогостоящие ошибки, которые мы часто совершаем на заправке

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Some of these errors especially the hit on your budget, especially if you do it repeatedly.

1. Buying drinks

Let’s say you took a bottle of water is 16 oz (0.4 l) for $1. Of course, a convenient purchase harmless when it’s only a dollar, right? Not really.

You just paid $8 dollars per gallon (3.8 l) — far more than ever paid for gasoline.

Bring water in a reusable water bottle or vacuum Cup.

Then start putting the saved money into a savings or retirement account.

2. The fee for petrol using the card

Each time you use the card at the gas station, you increase your chances of becoming a victim of identity theft.

Criminals attach skimmers (illegal card reader, stealing your data) to payment terminals at gas stations, because they are not serviced by employees.

When you pay cash, it’s not a problem. If are paying by credit card, this is not a big problem, because transactions with credit cards are governed by Federal law.

However, your debit card does not have this protection. You should promptly report the fraud that is guaranteed to keep most of their money.

If a criminal steals your debit card and uses it, while spending hundreds or thousands of dollars before you know it, there is no guarantee that someday you will be able to see their money.

In addition, fraud with a debit card usually allows the thief to connect directly to your current account.

3. Purchase of gasoline premium-quality

If your car requires high-octane gasoline, you must fill it. But if this fuel is just recommended, you better save money.

However, many drivers do neither one nor the second, nor the third. The Americans in total spend $2.1 billion a year on high-octane gasoline when it is not strictly necessary or is not recommended for their cars.



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