3 main features of the autumn depression

Autumn will bring only joy, if you follow simple guidelines

3 основных признака осенней депрессии

Autumn is not only a time of colorful leaves and morning fog, warm days like the last breath of the past summer, but depression and melancholy. A seasonal decline in mood and vitality should not be taken as a tragedy, and should correctly fight back. About how to do it told in Instagram nutritionist Christine Lobanovsky.

The expert identified three main features of autumn depression and suggested an effective solution for each of the items.

Sign No. 1 — a depressed and melancholy mood, the desire to be alone. In the morning it’s so hard to get out from under the blankets.

Tip: Each morning begins not with a sour facial expression and shuffling steps to the bathroom, and with a Cup of tea, chocolates and favorite music.

Sign No. 2 — lack of appetite, drowsiness, a sharp decline in activity. Apathy.

Tip: Autumn is not the best time for maleinovoi diet (salads, fruktiki). So eat what you want. Of course, in reasonable quantities.

Sign No. 3 — excessive irritability, resent anyone and even himself.

Tip: Smile! And all around will become brighter, for good reason, so goes the nursery rhyme. A smile not only lifts the mood and makes people forget about all the troubles. The fact is that it promotes the production of endorphins — hormones of happiness.

Once a day go to the mirror and tell yourself: “I am calm and balanced, I love this world and I sure everything will be fine” or “I the most charming and attractive, all people as people, and I’m a superstar.”