$3 million in aid for food banks in Quebec

$3 million in aid for Quebec food banks


Additional financial assistance of $3 million will be granted by Quebec to food banks in the province to help the organization fight against food insecurity and reduce waste. 

“The primary mission of Food Banks of Quebec must not be undermined by insufficient or deficient infrastructure. Quebec must be able to count on a solid support network to support vulnerable people in our society,” André Lamontagne, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, said Thursday in a press release.

This funding will support the 19 harvests and 13 associated organizations for the purchase of equipment or construction. The ability to process and distribute food will therefore be increased tenfold.

“In this time of uncertainty driven by inflation, we are noticing that in addition to rising demands, the faces of hunger change in the province. More and more employed Quebecers are knocking on the door of our affiliated organizations. This renewed support from the government will allow our network to better respond to this demand, which is reaching levels never seen before,” said Martin Munger, General Manager of Food Banks of Quebec (BAQ).

Remember that an amount of $3 million had been paid last December for the establishment of a new aid program and that an aid of $2 million had followed on June 17, 2022 due to the increase in requests for food aid.