3 of the stereotype seductress of men, which are outdated and do not work

3 стереотипа по соблазнению мужчин, которые давно устарели и не работают

Every woman in the Arsenal has its own tricks that they attract men. But there are ways that it is high time to eliminate from your Arsenal temptress. Because they are hopelessly outdated.

Mini and neckline

The days when a woman wore mostly modest outfits, were held. In our time of information technology and nudity are nothing new.

If a man really wants to see a naked woman, he’ll do it without labour.

But the seduction of men in this outfit today is considered very bad manners. It is unlikely that the man will take you seriously if you deliberately put on.

Yes, and really beautiful woman has nothing else to attract a man, than his virtues?

Red lipstick

There is a perception that bright red lipstick attracts men. However, as shown by opinion polls, 9 out of 10 men like this don’t like the color. Bright red men considered too aggressive. If you want to attract attention, it is better to wear a red dress. There is certainly a unnoticed woman will not remain

“I’m a good girl”

A weak “girl” who constantly whine and need protection long out of fashion. Yes, there is a category of men that a woman is suitable, but very few of them. Self-sufficient woman looks much more attractive in the eyes of men, rather than “wuss”. After all, men too tired to solve everything themselves and they need a reliable back-up.

But what always works is the ability of women to cook. Of course this is not the main feature in the “ideal” woman, but highly desirable.