3 secrets of women men wear on the hands


3 секрета женщин, которых мужчины носят на руках

You probably have often noticed in life such situations: charismatic, well presented man with the very ordinary to the common standards companion. And beautiful, smart, successful and meets all modern standards of femininity girl alone. What is the secret of women who attract decent men? Obviously, not only in the beauty, grooming and presentation.

Dear girls and women, we invite you now to get acquainted with these secrets from the position of Transurfing. Dear men, you can read this article out of curiosity or to share it with his lover.


Let’s “draw” the portrait is perfect in every way girls in the view of most men. She may be the goddess of beauty, the winner of the contest “Miss world”, a successful specialist, business lady, smart, interesting person with high IQ, creative person and a good hostess, but… what if despite all these qualities, the girl will always be a grim, unsmiling and unhappy with everything? What if she is going to complain about life and any insignificant reason to blame the husband? Most likely, any adequate man sooner or later will run away from her.

After all, the most important thing that a woman called shares with her man is lightness, joy, inspiration and harmony. These qualities lucky in love women generously fill their relationship. In Transferring it is called a stream – when you act from a certain state and emit a certain kind of energy. And since the purpose of a woman is to beautify the world of light and energy from the sun, nourish your man and inspire him – exactly the type of girls attract worthy partners.

Dear women, if you long time can’t meet a person with whom you can create strong and harmonious Union, or if you can’t establish a relationship with your husband, ask yourself what you broadcast? Are you living every day from a position of ease and pleasure, are you filled with love and gratitude the world? Or you acting out of habit from the position of the victim or the offended wrestler, broadcast the irritation and discontent, and “sleep” in it?

Relaxation gives prosperity – especially this postulate is relevant to women. As soon as she relaxes, ceases to overstate the importance, to claim the world and your man, something to demand constantly – she is learning to trust the Universe and its energy goes to a new level. This is not visible to the ordinary human eye, but with a woman always wants to chat and spend time, I want to tell her compliments and admire her.


What is not obvious at first glance are the qualities of a woman men are on hand, be it the boys or the husband after twenty years of marriage? This woman fills man with strength and increases the level of its importance. She does it discreetly but regularly, day to day and from year to year. Notes all the advantages, the successes and victories of his men, does not focus on his failures, never discusses it in a negative way with friends and family – and don’t even think about your man in a negative way. In any conflict situation is always invisibly gets on his side and she never comes with him to the fight.

Because as soon as the woman in the pendulum of any family quarrels takes the position of a fighter, it thereby takes away their male power. As soon as she begins to prove to your partner that she is smarter and better that she is always right and always knows what to do – it deprives itself of the powerful female energy, and her man – power.

A woman who wants to be near her was a confident and successful man will never learn his life: “You can’t”, “You’re doing it wrong!”, “Watch me,” “My dad was doing differently”, “Better than I myself!”, especially in front of other people.


Each person has their own energy space, their business, Hobbies, tendencies, habits. When a man and a woman begin to live together, their territories touched and over time become increasingly unified. And a common mistake at this stage, many women are consciously or unconsciously striving to completely capture the space men.

And eventually it turns out that neither men nor women don’t have Hobbies, friends and interests – the only common. Sometimes it suits both partners, but more often someone in a pair of starts to tire from lack of personal space. Especially if the husband or the wife seeks in all things to control it. Because it violates the basic principle of Rathbone: “Let yourself be yourself and another to be others.”

Happy in the relationship she never dissolves into personal space men, not seeking to subjugate it and not intruding on his territory. It always gives a certain freedom to my companion, because she does not depend on it. She has her own personal goals, desires, interests and Hobbies. And, if the husband wants to go Hiking or on a business trip, she easily lets her go, and during his absence engaged: implementing your list of goals, meets with friends and family, reveals itself in the work, engaged in self-development and what brings her true joy and pleasure that fills her with energy and inspiration.

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