3 sign that the person is an urgent need to checked for diabetes

The presence of diabetes in family, over weight and over 40 years of age are the signs that a person needs to test blood sugar to exclude the possibility of diabetes. Today, every fifth person who considers himself healthy, is in a phase of prediabetes, a condition when there is no diabetes, but sugar level in the blood increased.

3 признака того, что человеку нужно срочно провериться на диабет

How significant in our days the probability of diabetes, the scientist spoke Marina Shestakova. She said that according to the Express-tests, almost 20 percent of people who are confident in their health, in fact, are in a state of prediabetes.

The danger of prediabetes is that every second case of this disease over five years may be converted into diabetes, and in itself, this disorder is an independent risk factor for development of cardiovascular problems.

Scientist-endocrinologist explained what signs should be a reason to urgently get tested for diabetes fasting blood.

Such circumstances, according to Shestakova, are over weight, hereditary predisposition (a diabetes, someone is sick of parents, grandparents), and after 40 years of age. She noted that if type II diabetes to detect at the stage of prediabetes can be cured completely.

The scientist explained that diabetes is one of the few diseases with predstavu, “which is completely reversible with drug-free means of lifestyle changes, nutrition and physical activity”.