3 things that are considered a sign of wealth in post-Soviet countries, but not in the US

The author of the channel “Blog about US” on “Yandex.Zen” shared his impressions about what personal belongings are often perceived as “status” in the homeland, but in the USA they are not considered a sign of prosperity. Hereinafter in the first person.

3 вещи, которые считаются признаком богатства в постсоветских странах, но не в США

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As soon as I moved to America, I realized that there’s another world where everything is absolutely not the way I used to. I decided to tell you about three things, the possession of which at home I would be considered wealthy, but in the US they are not talking about human welfare.

Expensive car

Of course, I do not mean a luxury car. Let’s take for example Toyota Camry. In the United States to have such a car is not considered a luxury, even if you have it — fresh from the salon. In this auto can quite happily ride an ordinary clerk in the store or, for example, a teacher who works in kindergarten.

And we have hardly the girl will be able to buy on his salary, or at least borrow a car. So if at home you see a man driving such a vehicle, it seems that this person needs a very good living.


It’s not the stories that America is very rich people dress simple. You can often see from some of the Lamborghini will be modestly dressed girl or man in the cheap shorts and t-shirt.

Conversely, a woman dressed from head to toe in branded items, may be a simple schoolteacher or a nurse.

All because designer labels here can afford an ordinary person, because the ratio of local wages is not so expensive.

But for ordinary people living in the former Soviet Union, even for the cheapest handbag from Michael Kors will have to pay half. So the country people in branded things considered to be met.


In the US the iPhone the latest model can be seen in every third person. American wouldn’t even understand the love that you bought a new phone, and the more pride about it. This is perfectly normal and accessible to all.

If there is no way to pay for it in cash, you can take in installments for 2 years without interest. But will be around $50 per month. And given that in Florida (where I live) minimum wage per month $1400 per month, and in other States — and more, it’s not noticeable.

But if the minimum salary of $300, to afford a phone for $1100 is simply impossible. Yes and no, probably.

And you judge the wealth of the people by their things?

The original column published in the blog “Blog about US” on “Yandex.Zen”

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