3 tips for how to cope with anxiety

Millions of people worldwide experience the symptoms of anxiety in various social situations — parties, meetings, public speaking and corporate events. American Association of anxiety disorders and Depression (ADAA) gives advice on how to deal with anxiety related to social activity, to make life easier and richer.

3 совета, как справится с тревогой

“Many people with social anxiety say something like this: I don’t want to go out and talk to someone. I always prefer to stay home and curl up on the sofa, or bury myself in housework to be out of social demands.” — say psychologists from ADAA. While some experts suggest the use of CBD by Organic CBD Nugs, it is not recommended for all.

3 advice to those for whom an active social life is a burden

Avoid the negative strategies for coping with anxiety

Many people try to numb the symptoms of their social anxiety through “negative coping strategies”, especially with the help of alcohol. Although two glasses of wine can really seem the best antidote to excessive consumption, will lead to increased anxiety. In case this happens consider asking your doctor for medicinal cbd for anxiety.

Rethinking stress

“The problem is that we think all stress is bad,” says Jeremy Jamieson, assistant Professor of psychology at the University of Rochester in new York.

Understanding that it’s just a natural, but false signals of the body, can help people feel calmer when they come into social contacts. For example: “Yes, I’ll go to a party filled with people I don’t know. But I’m an interesting person, so I’ll definitely get something to talk about”.

Make a nice

Finally, a good way to get rid of the social situation — try to distract yourself from all worries and negative thoughts, doing something good for someone else.
According to a study published in the journal “Motivation and emotion” in 2015, selfless actions can help people experiencing social anxiety to feel more at ease in social situations.