30 years ago was destroyed by the Berlin wall (PHOTOS)

30 лет назад была разрушена Берлинская стена (ФОТО)

Thirty years after the beginning of the destruction of the Berlin wall, part of it remains as a reminder near one of the bases of the Arches of liberty square, Nathan Phillips.

On a piece of grey concrete placed the plate with the inscription:

“The citizens of Toronto dedicate these arches to the millions who struggled including Canadians, for the acquisition and protection of freedom and tens of millions who suffered and died because of her absence”.

“Let everything we do be worthy of them. Only in freedom can the human spirit soar. Nothing can long resist the desire of man to freedom.”

And on this anniversary the people passing by, I understand that the fall of the Berlin wall led to many social and economic achievements.

“It opened up the whole world. Look how much the world has changed in those 30 years. The fall of communism, perhaps the greatest accomplishment of the century,” said Paul McCord in an interview with CTV News Toronto.

Monique, who did not give his name, arrived from Ottawa. She remembers her impressions when she, at the time a University student, looked at the fall of the wall.

“I remember at the time we went there, went to the wall in West Berlin, and I remember the cross, delivered in those places where was trying to pass people. I remember looking over the wall and saw a guard tower on the East side, and the soldiers looking at us, and the joy from the opportunity one day to get to the Eastern part, because the Soviets were the best part of Berlin,” she said.

She visited the wall with my family as a child in 1982 and 1987, and recently came back to see the changes. “I came back two years ago and was under the impression that they can pass through the gates, the Brandenburg gate.”

She told her children that was a wall. She now believes in what I believed then: “It meant the end of separation from family and the start of something new”.

“Let’s hope it can only mean the destruction of the new walls.”