30th of Jun some clubs will be left without half of the team, – General Director of “Shakhtar”

30-го июня некоторые клубы останутся без половины команды, - генеральный директор "Шахтера"

Sergei Palkin

Director General “Shakhtar” Sergei Palkin shared his opinion about the situation with the contracts of players in a pandemic coronavirus.

“FIFA considers the situation, what if, suppose, the contract ends on 30 June, and we have extended the championship until the end of August or end of July, then offered these contracts automatically extend until the end of the championship. This is what is being discussed. What will be the final accepted – you just have to wait. Such a concept is normal, understandable and, well, working.

And it turns out that 30 June and some clubs will be left without half of the team. This is not serious, the situation of force majeure. Of course, it is necessary to adjust in a more civilized manner, to make a decision to allow the clubs normally finish the championship with those players that are on contracts,” said Palkin in an interview with “Football News”.