31 days: the story of the shortest presidential term in the United States

Against the background of attempts to impeach the President of the United States Donald Trump the American public remembered the fate of the ninth U.S. President William Harrison. He stayed at his post for exactly 31 days and died shortly thereafter from pneumonia. This writes TJournal.

31 день: история самого короткого президентского срока в США

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The possible removal of the tramp from office can supply the current American leader is on a par with his predecessor, Harrison. In the case of an involuntary dismissal stay trump in the White house will be one of the most short-lived in U.S. history.

Soldier, Senator and national hero

William Harrison was born February 9, 1773 in the County of Charles city (VA) in a large family. His father, Benjamin Harrison, was a famous politician. From 1781 1784 in Harrison, Sr. was Governor of Virginia. William also decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and enter politics.

Harrison’s political career began in the army. From 1791, he participated in battles against Indians. Harrison served as aide-de-camp under the leadership of General Anthony Wayne. It was during the clashes with the Indians he first thought about in order to serve his country not only as a military but also politics.

A special place in the biography of the future President takes the Northwest Indian war, which marked the beginning of the active capture area of the local population of white colonialists. During the war Harrison actively fought against the Indians. Throughout the conflict he continued to serve under the command of General Wayne. However, after the war, in 1798, Harrison resigned and decided to devote himself entirely to politics.

In 1800, Harrison became Governor of Indiana territories — if they have not had the status of full-fledged States. The post Harrison has appointed himself President of the United States John Adams, but the decision legislatively confirmed by the Senate. As Governor Harrison pursued an active policy against the indigenous American population, while maintaining the settlement of Anglo-Americans.

The Indian population was extremely dissatisfied with the expansion of the rights and powers of the colonialists. Local people actively resisted the policy of Harrison. The discontent escalated into a fierce battle under the leadership of chief Tecumseh.

During the battle of 1811 against Tecumseh Harrison got his famous nickname “Old Tippecanoe”. The Governor was glorified as a national hero, having won in Indiana the victory over the Indians and, thereby, suppressing the uprising. He also found strong support among supporters of independence, as the British colonialists fought on the side of the tribe of Tecumseh.

Conservative victory

In 1816 Harrison was elected to the House of representatives from Ohio. A year later, President James Monroe invited the former Governor the post of war Minister, but Harrison refused and decided to never go back to the army case. Instead, he worked for five years in the House of representatives, and in 1821 was elected to the Senate of Ohio.

31 день: история самого короткого президентского срока в США

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In 1828, Harrison took the post of Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the USA to the Republic of Colombia. Upon arrival at the American Embassy in Bogota he was impressed with the political situation in the country. In his telegram to the State Department Harrison wrote about anarchy and the swift establishment of the dictatorship of the current President Simon Bolivar.

“The strongest of all governments is that which is most free” William Harrison.

Harrison urged Bolivar to prevent anarchy and authoritarianism. Thus, according to the messenger, Colombia had to develop in the direction of democracy and liberalism. In response to the statements of Harrison Bolivar stated that the United States “appears destined by Providence to torment Latin America torments in the name of freedom”.

In March, 1829, the new American President Andrew Jackson withdrew the garrison from Colombia in order to assign your favorite. Until 1836, the ex-Counsellor and ex-Governor led a private life at the time moving away from big politics. Harrison returned to Ohio and engaged in the production of whiskey.

However, by 1836 he returned to Federal politics and was nominated for the post of President of the United States from a conservative Whig. The main rival Harrison was the Democratic candidate Martin van Buren. Despite the efforts of the Whigs to defeat van Buren more liberal, putting together with Harrison several of conservative candidates for the “erosion” of the vote, van Buren scored more than 50%.

In the next four years Harrison was preparing for a new election cycle, 1840. In 1837, during the reign of van Buren, the United States was “panic”, which was caused by the continuing recession and the cessation of conversion of paper money into metal. Harrison took advantage of the situation and built his campaign of 1839 on criticism of the economic policies of the current government.

“The only legitimate right to govern is a direct grant of power from the governed”, William Harrison.

In 1840 the Whig party nominated Harrison for the post of a single candidate from the conservatives. During the election campaign, the former Senator emphasized his military successes during the governorship of Indiana and criticized the economic policies of Democrats. As a result, the Harrison defeated incumbent President van Buuren with a difference of 6% of the vote.

Thirty-one day presidency

Harrison took office in 1841 at the age of 68 years. Subsequently in older age, the presidents of the United States was 69-year-old Ronald Reagan, and the 70-year-old Donald trump. Harrison was to speak to the people with the appeal and pronounce the inaugural speech of March 4 — and she is a changed everything.

At the inauguration of bad weather: a cold wind was blowing and it was pouring down rain. But the President refused to carry it and not put on his hat and coat, because I wanted to show people that he is still the same strong and stalwart “Old Tippecanoe”, as in the days of his battles with the Indians Tecumseh.

Inaugural address Harrison became the longest in American history — almost two hours the President stood in the wind and the rain, reading the message. The appeal of Harrison has become a kind of Manifesto of the Whig party, which the conservatives offered to the American people in economic crisis.

“It would be absurd to assume that the President, working in the capital, in the center of the country, could better understand the needs and desires of the people than his immediate representatives, who spend part of each year among the citizens, live with them, often work with them and associated with them the triple bond of interest, duty and affection”, William Harrison.

Harrison promised to abandon the former policy of van Buren, to restore the Bank of the United States, to return to printing paper money, and to tighten the demands to the government with the aim of increasing its professionalism. Moreover, the President announced the abolition of the mining system of Jackson, which included building a “political elite” within the framework of mutual responsibility.

At the end of his speech, Harrison often coughed and felt weak. However, after the speech, he swept through the street on horseback, and participated in three inaugural balls. However, even then the President began rhinitis — a syndrome of inflammation of the nasal mucosa.

Complications of hypothermia began only on March 26 after a night out President. He had a cold again. After the inauguration of Harrison for three weeks, worked hard, and received visitors in Washington, DC (the entrance to the White house by the President, was open to all who want to meet Harrison). Emotional exhaustion, lack of time for rest and busy schedule — against this background, the health of the President deteriorated.

Harrison came down with severe pneumonia and pleurisy. For the treatment of the President in the White house has summoned the best doctors of Washington. They used opium, castor oil, and the bites of leeches to treat illness. However, as Harrison has only worsened.

Because leeches garrison started a blood infection, and pneumonia was complicated by a severe form of jaundice. The President has not got out of bed and tried to work lying down. However, a few days after the start of treatment, he fell into nonsense.

April 4, 1841, Harrison died. His term lasted only 30 days, 12 hours and 30 minutes, which was the shortest presidency in U.S. history. The last words Harrison in delirium has become a famous phrase about the “true principles of government”:

“Sir, I want you to understand the true principles of government. I want them carried out, and not ask for anything else,” William Harrison.