315 billion tons from Antarctica broke off a giant iceberg

315 млрд тонн: от Антарктиды откололся гигантский айсберг

From ice shelf Amery ice shelf in East Antarctica broke off the largest for 50 years, the iceberg, the weight of— 315 000 000 000 tons. Reported by the BBC.

New Berg received the name D28, its surface area — 1636 square kilometers and a thickness of about 210 meters. Only in the 1960s from the Amery ice shelf broke away more of the iceberg, with an area of 9,000 kilometers.

Professor Helen Fricker from the institution of Oceanography SCRIPPS name in 2002 said that this part of the ice shelf will break away big iceberg in 2010-2015.

She stressed that education D28 should not be linked with climate change. According to the Professor, the satellite images from the 90-ies was shown that the Amery ice shelf is in “equilibrium” with the environment, despite the strong surface melting during summer.

“Although Antarctica is still about to worry, reason for anxiety, specifically that the ice shelf yet,” said Fricker.

At the same time, experts of the Australian Antarctic division to monitor the iceberg. Such a great chip in particular can pose a threat to navigation.

Most likely, it will take several years to D28 fell apart and melted.