35 times fewer weapons in Japan than in Canada

35 times fewer guns in Japan than in Canada


The weapon used in the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was homemade and is of great concern to authorities around the world. 

The manufacture of weapons worries the police, since they do not have to pass through customs before ending up in the hands of users.

Japan is the G7 country with the lowest rate of firearm ownership among its civilian population. In 2018, according to data from the “Small Arms Survey”, approximately 375,000 firearms were in circulation, which represents a rate of 0.4 guns per 100 inhabitants.

In contrast, the Canada is the second most armed country in the G7 based on its population. In 2018, more than 13,000,000 guns were in circulation, the equivalent of 34.7 guns per 100 people. 

There are 35 times as many guns in Canada in the population than in Japan. Yet the country has about 87,000,000 fewer inhabitants…

Francis Langlois, firearms policy specialist at the Raoul-Dandurand Chair, explains that Japan is a very safe country.

“I lived in Japan for more than a year to work and I was walking around with $700-800 in my pocket every day and I was never, ever scared,” he recalls.

Handcrafted Weapons

The manufacture of homemade weapons then represents a major challenge for the Japanese authorities, since the technology is more and more developed for the artisanal manufacturers.

“Now, with new technologies, we can print quality weapons and by using metal components, we are able to have printed weapons assembled at home”, underlines Mr. Langlois.

The specialist points out that the practice is becoming more affordable and simple to do, a sign that the problem is a sizeable one for law enforcement.

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