36 arrests and 3 attempts of deportation as an illegal immigrant criminal was saved policies of shelters

An illegal immigrant from Mexico, who is accused of stabbing a judge in the Denver area, tried three times to deport. It saved policies of the cities of refuge, writes The Blaze.

36 арестов и 3 попытки депортации: как нелегала-преступника спасала политика убежищ

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The Department of immigration and US customs(KUSA) last year filed three separate requests for the detention of the 39-year-old Jose Armenta-Vasquez. Deputies of the Denver Sheriff’s Department ignored them or rejected because of the policy of the city of refuge.

ICE takes requests for detention when the suspect in the illegal stay in the country arrested for a crime. These queries inform local law enforcement so that they could detain the person until Federal immigration officials will not investigate.

In this case, law enforcement Denver decided to let go of Arment-Vazquez, ICE not giving “adequate notice”. After just one month after the third request for the arrest, Armenta-Vasquez struck magistrate David Blakethe near his home in Denver. The victim almost died from stab wounds.

Even though the crime occurred last summer, the suspect remained at large until January 14.

Bureau of investigation Colorado state announced that over the past two decades, Armen-Vasquez was arrested 36 times under two dozen aliases.

In KUSA said:

“They don’t allow us to detain them in prison,” — said last month the Deputy Executive Director of ICE regarding the practice of Denver.

Denver is not the only jurisdiction in the United States, which have introduced the refuge that ultimately puts the public at risk.

In a recent report by the inspector General of the Department of homeland security found that as of last year in respect of jurisdictions across the country used the policy in relation to refuges, which consisted of more than 17,000 illegal aliens.