37 people were killed in the attack on the buses of the canadian mining company in Burkina Faso (PHOTOS)

37 человек погибли при атаке на автобусы канадской горнодобывающей компании в Буркина-Фасо (ФОТО)

Thirty-seven people were killed, 60 injured in an attack on a convoy of mining company in Burkina Faso, according to the portal Lanka with reference to the Governor of the Eastern region.

Unknown persons attacked the convoy on mine in Bungo in the East of the country. The convoy was escorted by military, in total, there were five buses. In the bus were employees of the canadian company semafo Inc., as well as contractors and suppliers. The management of the company noted that the mine Bungu not affected, it continues the extraction of gold.

Foreign Affairs Canada has condemned the terrorist attack on the convoy: it is reported in Twitter of the Ministry, Canada expresses its solidarity with the people of Burkina Faso and supports the efforts of the authorities of this country to maintain peace and stability and combating terrorism. The foreign Ministry has not yet reported, may be among the dead or injured citizens of Canada.