4 and a half years for a violent attack on his spouse

4 and a half years for a violent attack on his spouse


A 47-year-old man was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison on Thursday after violently attacking his partner, strangling her until she lost consciousness before hitting her in the face and even chase her in the car when she managed to escape from her claws to save her skin. 

The evening of October 8, 2020 will haunt the victim, whose the identity is protected, until the end of his days.

That evening, Martin Lepage, with whom she has been living for 7 months, is on the phone when she returns home. The man is going through a more difficult period when he no longer works and is in proceedings concerning the custody of his child. While the phone call drags on, the woman eats, takes a bath and decides to go to bed. It was then that Lepage entered the room in anger, reproaching him “for not having come to see him” when he arrived. He then threatens to kill her.

“It's tonight that you die”

“It's tonight that everything stops, it's tonight that you die,” he told her, before jumping on her and strangling her “so hard that she lost consciousness,” said judge Thomas Jacques on Monday.

When she regains consciousness, the victim is violently punched in the face by Martin Lepage, who then pushes his face into a pillow to suffocate him. He then goes to the kitchen to take a knife, which will be the escape of the victim. 

Wearing only her underwear, “gathering what little strength she has left,” she flees the house and stops a motorist, asking him to call 911. This good Samaritan will let her board and drive on. towards a police station before being caught up by Lepage, who had gone in pursuit of his wife.

In his fit of rage, he hit the other car several times with his own vehicle before finally drop.

Deep Wounds

The consequences of this violent attack will be numerous for the victim. Still unable to work two years after the attack, she is diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, experiences panic attacks, has major depressive disorder and still requires physiotherapy for physical pain.


“She mentions that her life has stopped since the event. She declares that the wounds left on her life, her heart, her soul will never go away”, insisted Judge Jacques during the pronouncement of the sentence.

Raising many aggravating factors, in particular the relentlessness of the accused, the totally gratuitous nature of the assault and the vulnerability of the victim lying in bed, the magistrate sentenced Lepage to 4 and a half years in prison for aggravated assault, death threats and dangerous driving . Given the pretrial detention, the accused has 16 months left to serve.

“This is another unfortunate illustration of the principle that the phenomenon of domestic violence does not constitute a loss of control, but a takeover,” noted the judge, saluting at the end of the hearing the courage of the victim who faced the legal process.