4 available online service for medical consultations during the quarantine

During a pandemic coronavirus thought about the visit to the doctor can be depressing, also it is simply dangerous. The waiting room is a perfect place to get infected or infect other people. In addition, the shortage of medical care and lack of equipment avoidance clinics, emergency departments and doctors ‘ offices can save valuable resources for those who need them most, writes The Penny Hoarder.

4 доступных онлайн-сервиса для медицинских консультаций во время карантина

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Of course, this does not mean that you do not need medical care during the quarantine. There are several excellent services of telemedicine that offer comprehensive online services at an affordable price — even for patients without insurance.

It is important to know that none of these telemedicine platforms are not tests for the coronavirus. However, they can help you to solve another problem.


Amwell offers advice of a wide range of medical professionals including General practitioners, medical specialists and experts in mental health, with which you can contact 24/7. You can get access to such services as counseling on nutrition, Pediatrics, and breastfeeding support, and even chat with a licensed psychiatrist.

The cost varies depending on what services you need and starts at $69 for the advice of a doctor urgently. The cost can be less if you have the appropriate insurance plan, and you can get access to medical care via a web browser or smartphone app, available for Android and Apple devices.


Teladoc is another telemedicine platform that offers the access anytime by phone, video or app for consultations with doctors and specialists in mental health.

Although your costs may be reduced if you have the appropriate insurance, uninsured patients will pay the following amounts for shared services:

  • Daily maintenance: $49
  • Dermatology: $75
  • Licensed therapist: $90
  • Psychiatrist: $229 for the initial consultation and $99 for systematic consultation

At Teladoc also has useful resources and answers to frequently asked questions about the coronavirus.

Doctor on Demand

Company Doctor on Demand, founded in 2012, is one of the pioneers in telemedicine. She offers consultations with General practitioners, and licensed therapists and psychiatrists.

Although for patients with insurance may be available lower prices, patients with self-pay benefit from a transparent price and can count on the following amounts:

  • $75 for a 15 minute consultation with a General practitioner
  • $129 for a 25 minute consultation with a psychologist
  • $179 for a 50-minute counseling psychologist
  • $229 for a 45-minute consultation with a psychiatrist
  • $129 for a 15-minute follow-up psychiatrist

In Doctor on Demand has also created a useful resource center for COVID-19.


The service is MDLive medical advice 24 hours a day, although because of the pandemic, we have to wait longer than the standard time. The company offers emergency medical assistance and consultations from dermatologists, General practitioners, psychiatrists and pediatricians.

MDLive does not publish information on the costs of a medical emergency, because the exact cost will depend on your insurance, but the services of a dermatologist will cost $65 or less, the consultation of the General practitioner — $99 or less, and a psychiatrist — $259 or less depending on your insurance coverage.

In addition to the use of telemedicine platforms, you can negotiate with your doctor about options for remote interaction. Many specialists and General practitioners are beginning to offer telephone and video consultations during the quarantine, although the cost may vary, especially if you are not insured and visit a private clinic.


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