4 daily habits that will make the relationship strong

Every relationship have UPS and downs. Some days can seem amazing, while others may leave you crying. The key to overclocking these storms is that from the very beginning to create a trusting and open relationship.

4 повседневных привычки, которые сделают отношения крепкими

1. Do not avoid conflicts

According to American psychologist Cynthia Catchings, one of the most common misconceptions is that couples in a healthy relationship, never argue. Actually, conflict should not include name calling, accusations or physical violence. Instead, focus on how to determine where your own needs are not being met, and openly inform your partner so they know how best to support you.

2. Avoid jumping to conclusions

It is easy to jump to conclusions when you’re in pain. But not everything we hear should be interpreted in the way we think. Take a deep breath, practice complacency, and when you feel smooth emotional state, ask for clarification, which are important for a clearer understanding of the situation.

3. Be open to change

Trying to prevent someone to change, you can push him away.
“Every person should have the freedom to grow, to change, to evolve. Strong relationships are that each of you develops in such a way that allows both of you to be in a new place together. It is important to recognize that changes are inevitable, and be open to new adventures that await you, your partner and your relationship”. says Catchings.