4 easy ways to save on products

Buying products is not only time consuming but also not cheap, writes Acrons Grow.

4 простых способа существенно сэкономить на продуктах

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According to statistics from Statista, the average buyers of the major products in the US families make 1.6 visits to the grocery store every week. And in 2018, Americans spent 5% of their personal income, buying food, according to the Department of agriculture.

For Mead, the purchase of products is a key component of her career as a personal chef for six families in the Chicago area. The former finalist of the reality show Fox “MasterChef” also conducts 60-90 minute tours of grocery stores within your business, Cate”s Kitchen Fit .

Here are her four best advice for saving money on groceries.

1. Get a Costco membership or Amazon Prime

Although you can shop at Costco without a membership, for example, prescription or to buy alcohol, you usually need to buy products. Buying in bulk can save money, even if it means a payment, for example, annual membership, which costs $ 60 at Costco or $ 119 Amazon Prime.

These stores do not require frequent visits, perhaps once a month or every two months. When you go, stock up on necessities and non-food items. In the shopping list MFA at Costco or Amazon there are products that she often uses, such as milk, oil, beans and grains, or those that can be repackaged and frozen, such as meat.

2. Find a specialized grocery store

Since the foreign Ministry often buys food she knows how much it should cost, and when it is overcharged. The work of the Ministry of foreign Affairs delivers it in different suburbs of Chicago, so sometimes she prefers the comfort, not saving money, but trying to be mindful of our expenses, because customers pay for products in addition to its daily rate of $ 500.

Recently, in two different shopping trips she spent 123 dollars at the grocery store versus $ 289 in the comparable basket at Whole Foods. “It’s only one day as a chef. This can be a big difference, ” says Mead.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs recommends that you find a specialist shop for most of your purchases. This may be an international grocery store or food market. MFA likes these stores because they have the same high quality natural products that in large networks, but for a small fee.
Once there, focus on to shop on the perimeter of the store and buy fruits or vegetables that are in season: “These stores can save you a lot of money at the end of the trip. Even organic meat and seafood is cheaper than Whole Foods “.

3. Bring a list, but it is possible to deviate

In addition to making more healthy decisions, you will save money by making a list before heading to the grocery store . The foreign Ministry recommends to plan at least one or two meals to avoid impulse buying.

Try to plan your meals to include fruits and vegetables that are in season, says Ministry of foreign Affairs. You will find the best prices.

Over time, you will also know what stores have templates. For example, when fresh corn is in season, frozen corn is often discounted, says foreign Minister.

Once you have an idea of “normal” and “holiday” prices, you will be able to make wiser decisions about buying your favorite vegetables. In this case, it may be safe or even smart to deviate from your list.

The foreign Ministry is always looking for fresh and frozen vegetables, to see whether to buy something that she can freeze for later.

4. How to save on meat

Most of the customers of the foreign Ministry want organic meat usually the most expensive purchase in its going for food. One client, for example, asks for a rack of lamb, which costs about $ 120.
When shopping for yourself, MFA buys much of the meat in bulk at Costco, and then divide the package into pound portions, and saves the rest for later. It also recommends that consideration be given pieces of meat, such as more hard, which can help you save money.

Finally, think about adding a couple of meatless recipes in your weekly routine, or how to save on meat.

“If you cook with organic chopped Turkey, you can divide the portion in half and instead add beans, lentils or chickpeas, and it will make it much cheaper,” — said the foreign Ministry.

“You also get as much good protein and fiber that’s great for complete meals,” adds the chef.