4 superfood for immunity and from autumn Blues

Fall overcomes many dreary mood, and several times increases the risk of catching respiratory diseases. Include in your diet these four superfood – they strengthen the immune system and contribute to a good mood.

4 суперфуда для иммунитета и от осенней хандры


Turmeric is not just famous Eastern spice, and a storehouse of useful substances and compounds. It is based curcumin – a substance having anti-inflammatory action and acting as a powerful antioxidant. In India it is used as a natural antidepressant because of its frequent use contributes to the development of “hormones of joy”.


Chlorella is a green algae, which is 650 chemical compounds. Among them are: the essential amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. For example, it is one of the few plant sources of vitamin B12 – it in the Chlorella even more than in the liver.

Fruit and vegetable fresh juices

This is a great way to saturate the body with antioxidants and get a boost of energy. Most importantly, don’t stay on one thing. Make a mixture of Apple and carrot, celery and cucumber, pineapple and estuary, beet and spinach.

“Live yoghurt”

Recent studies suggest that the microflora of our intestines is a source of strength to the immune system. The more and more diverse it is, the better the body’s resistance to infections. Be sure to include “live” yogurts in your diet if you have prescribed a course of antibiotics, had a gastrointestinal disorder or any serious disease.