4 the state will provide the Federal government information on citizenship with driver’s licenses

Iowa, South Carolina and South Dakota has now joined the Nebraska — they agreed to share information with a driver’s license in the Bureau of the census United States, to help the administration of U.S. President Donald trump to determine the citizenship status of every resident of the United States. This writes ABC News.

4 штата предоставят федеральным властям информацию о гражданстве с водительских удостоверений

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Until recently, Nebraska was the only state that signed an agreement with the census Bureau to exchange information. Donald trump last year ordered the Bureau to collect data on the nationality of the administrative documents from Federal and state agencies after the U.S. Supreme court blocked an attempt to include the citizenship question in the census questionnaire 2020.

The vast majority of States refused to share information with driving permits and ID cards. The governors of the four cooperating States — the Republicans.

Opponents of data collection on the nationality of fear that they will be used by States and local governments to change legislation in favor of only US citizens instead of the entire population. According to opponents, it would be beneficial to the Republicans and non-Hispanic white.

Information on the nationality of motor vehicle departments, generally unreliable, given that legal residents have no reason to notify them when they become citizens, said Thomas Saenz, President and General counsel Mexican-American legal defense Fund and education (MALDEF).

MALDEF is one of several groups that fights for civil rights, and challenged the decree trump the Federal court of Maryland. When it comes to identity within an institution one can get lanyards for students and teachers that identify and keep them uniform.

“Their task is to create a national database, so the presence of three relatively small States, giving them the record, does not give them the large scale that they want to do. They need a national database, said Saenz. I don’t know what it shows, moreover, that if I visited one of these States, you would be pissed that the staff provides my information without my permission.”

The Commerce Department, which oversees the census Bureau, says he has enough administrative data to define citizenship almost 90% of the US population, and records collected after the decree of the trump, just fill in the remaining gaps.

The agreement with South Carolina was signed earlier in July. Census Bureau South Carolina pays $27 000 for these data. The law of South Carolina permits the exchange of information, if it is intended to carry out “the legitimate functions of the state authority”, — said in an email to the press-Secretary of the Department of motor vehicles of South Carolina Julie Roy.

In April, South Dakota has signed an agreement with the Bureau of the census, according to which the state shall every month send information c driver’s license, including the names, addresses, dates of birth, and citizenship status. Because it requires proof of U.S. citizenship or legal immigration status, South Dakota does not allow persons who are in the country illegally to obtain driver’s license or ID card.

The data should be used “only for statistical purposes and not for program or administrative enforcement”, — by the standards of the agreement with South Dakota. Similar language used in the agreements with the Iowa and South Carolina. These agreements restrict the census Bureau from sharing data with other agencies.

Security Department of South Dakota issued a statement which says that a state program for issuing a driver’s license “are authorized to share information for use by any public body when performing their functions”.

Iowa began to send the data to the census Bureau in March. In Iowa, only citizens or residents can legally get a driver’s license or ID, so the status of citizenship is not included in his information.

The Democrats filed a bill which Annuls the decree trump about the collection of data on citizenship.

The census takes place every ten years and helps to understand how to allocate Federal spending of $1.5 trillion and how many seats in Congress each state receives.

Democrats say that the attempt to gather information on citizenship is part of the ongoing efforts of the administration trump the politicization of the census Bureau.

Many residents in immigrant communities, and so were afraid to fill out the census form, and agreement with the us shows that trump is trying to circumvent the Supreme court’s decision, said Tanisha Islam, an immigration lawyer who directs the human rights organization “Voice for peace”.

“Many people are afraid to fill out government forms, and these agreements only reinforce the mistrust,” summed up Islam.