4-time Olympic champion Mo Farah has admitted to doping

4-кратный олимпийский чемпион Мо Фарах признался в употреблении допинга

Mo Farah

A legend of British sport, 4-time Olympic champion and six-time world champion in the race for stayers race sir Mo Farah has admitted that he used a controlled substance L-carnitine and do not put notify anti-doping organization, The Guardian reports.

2 days before the London marathon 2014 chief medical Director in athletics in the UK Rob Chakraverty 4 times were administered L-carnitine in the body Headlamp.

While this procedure was attended by the head of endurance Barry Fudge, former Director of athletics Neil black, the UK and the former coach Farah Alberto Salazar, says the publication.

The effect of L-carnitine on the body similar to melidoniou. L-carnitine is a natural amino acid, which, according to some studies, when administered directly into the bloodstream can help to speed up metabolism and enhance athletic performance.

Note that injection of L-carnitine officially permitted anti-doping rules, if the injection volume less than 50 ml every six hours. However, Farah six days after those injections in their official form of doping control not recorded L-carnitine, although he was obliged to do it.

In 2015 the interrogation USADA, the British categorically denied the use of L-carnitine. But later Farah changed his testimony.

He said that did injections of L-carnitine before the London marathon, but just forgot about it, it took a lot of time. On questioning also caused the team of Farah. According to the testimony Chakravarty, volume four injections in total did not exceed 13.5 ml, which is acceptable. However, no documentary evidence is said not found records about the injections do not exist.

In fact, to prove that there was a violation (and exceeding the permissible dose) – it is impossible. But obviously raises questions about integrity as an athlete and his team.

Note that the London marathon 2014 was the first for Mo Farah. He then took eighth place.

We will remind, about ukad ukad does not intend to give WADA samples of Farah in the investigation of the case Salazar.