4-time world champion of Formula 1 called the proposed “Ferrari” the new contract “a joke”

4-кратный чемпион мира Формулы-1 назвал предложенный "Феррари" новый вариант контракта "насмешкой"

Sebastian Vettel

4-time world champion in the Formula-1 in the “Red bull” and now the pilot of the Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel went through tough proposed “Scuderia” variant of the new contract in which the salary of a German is reduced by three times, and the term of legacie is only 1 year.

“It is a mockery? I used to work with contracts of three years, – quotes Vettel F1 Insider. – I’m experienced, not old,” said 32-year-old Sebastian, whose current contract expires at the end of 2020.

At the same time, in place of Vettel Ferrari is already considering Daniel ricciardo, Carlos Sainz, Antonio Giovinazzi and Fernando Alonso, who had previously played for the team from Maranello.