4 ways to forget about the problems with the intestines

The Guardian reports on four ways that create optimal conditions for the functioning of the intestines, and prevent dozens of diseases. Among them nutrition, stress management, control of antibiotics and frequency of emptying.

4 способа навсегда забыть о проблемах с кишечником

Watch your diet

Intestinal health is largely determined by the gut microbiome — the enormous population of bacteria. Studies show that a diet high in fiber is crucial to healthy intestines, as these bacteria break down cellulose into substances that have anti-inflammatory properties.

Follow the rhythm of your bowel

One of the main reasons for bowel problems is the violation of the natural rhythm of the body.

“The activity of the intestine is usually higher when you Wake up and after every meal, especially after Breakfast,” says Dr. Maura Corsetti of the University of Nottingham. “But in today’s world many people don’t pay enough attention to. Instead, they delay the emptying, when you feel the stimulus, because they are out of the house or to work.”

The obvious rule — if you want the toilet, go to the toilet.

Decrease stress with physical exercise

“The gut is full of nerves, and in times of stress, they release neurotransmitters that can trigger inflammation,” says Dr. Elizabeth Mann from the University of Manchester.

Exercises are an effective method of stress reduction and have additional positive effects on the health of the colon, speeding up the time of passage of food.

Take antibiotics only when necessary

Antibiotics may be vital to eliminate infections, but it costs a high price: they disrupt the normal balance of bacteria in the gut, killing many microbes that are beneficial for health. Take antibiotics strictly the dosage that has been prescribed by a doctor, and never take without purpose.