40% of new cases in the world: the United States could become the epicenter of the pandemic COVID-19

The world health organization saying that the US can soon become the epicenter of a global pandemic coronavirus, although the President, Donald trump declared that hopes for the return of normal life in the United States in the next weeks, reports the “Voice of America”.

40% новых случаев в мире: США могут стать эпицентром пандемии COVID-19

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“They (in the US) is a very large outbreak, and the outbreak becomes more intense,” said 24 March in Geneva, the press-Secretary of the who, Margaret Harris.

Harris said that during the day, 85% of new cases of the coronavirus have been recorded in Europe and in the United States, and the United States accounted for 40% of this amount.

In response to the question, can the United States become a new epicenter, Harris said, “we are Now seeing in the U.S. the rapid growth in the number of cases. So there is such a possibility”.

But she also said that the increase in testing in the United States can reduce the increase in the number of new cases.

As of mid-day on March 25 in the US has reported more than 240 55 cases of coronavirus recorded more than 800 deaths.

The pandemic has slowed the American economy, which just a month ago was growing at an elevated pace.

New York- a hotbed of coronavirus in the United States

On the streets of the us capital is unusually uncrowded, especially considering the fact that now is the season of cherry blossom, the most popular among tourists visiting Washington, says the correspondent of “voice of America”. Local suggest not to go out unnecessarily on the street, although no official orders to stay home, as happened in San Francisco or new York, the DC community have not yet.

Now the capital is fixed at least 150 cases of infection, but new York has become the new epicenter of the spread of the disease in the United States. The number of patients is increasing by the hour all over the state: now there are more than 21 000 reported cases. In the city of new York — more than 13 000. Doctors say 28% of all tests for coronavirus in the state give a positive result. It is many times more than anywhere else in the country.

Experts estimate that with the pace of distribution of new York can take up to 110 000 hospital beds, is now only half. In new York city have landed a National guard, which, in particular, began to build temporary hospitals in the exhibition center Javits in Manhattan. They plan soon to open 4 field hospital, which can contain 1000 hospital beds and potentially up to 2000 people in need of assistance.

“This will be an emergency facility for those hospitals in which the first end the free space, says Governor Andrew Cuomo. — Using these beds, we can loosen the pressure from the hospitals.”

Congress may now make the stimulus package at $ 2 trillion. The money that is supposed to help American companies and workers to cope with the financial consequences of a pandemic coronavirus. It seems that Democrats and Republicans failed to agree on the details of the plan.

For the speedy approval of the funds urged lawmakers and Donald trump. Obviously concerned about the state of the economy before the President even suggested that the United States will be able faster than expected, to remove certain restrictions imposed through the coronavirus.

“America will again and quickly opened for business, much faster than 3 or 4 months. We cannot allow that the treatment was worse that the problem, — said trump. — At the end of the 15-day period, we will decide which way we want to go, especially in regard to the time of the opening of our country, because we have enough shut down to get rid of this invisible enemy.”

He added that “I would like on Pascha (April 12) to see the country again open and ready to move forward.”

However the optimism of the President do not share or American doctors, nor experts of the world health organization. While experts not undertake to predict, when the infection rate in the USA reaches a peak.

The Chairman of the Society on the issues of disease in America Thomas File said that the lifting of restrictions on direct contact of humans and no other quarantine measures at a time when the coronavirus spreading, “will accelerate the spread of the disease will overwhelm a healthcare system where there is no necessary equipment and will lead to deaths that can be avoided”.

“The President will have to appoint the date of cancellation of quarantine measures, when permitted by medical records,” said File.

What happens in the world

In the meantime, India’s Prime Minister Narendra modi ordered a mandatory ban on travel for the whole of the population — 1.3 billion. Modi warned that if India “will do this for 21 days and still have our country go back to 21 years”.

Italy remains the most affected coronavirus country in the world with more than 6,800 deaths.

But China reported an improvement and argue that on March 24 there was not detected any intrusion between local residents.

Officials in Hubei province, where in December last year started the pandemic, report that after a two-month strict quarantine measures for healthy people there will allow movement.

In Hubei province hope that in the beginning of next month may be cancelled all quarantine restrictions.




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