$40,000 Cyberinvestigation at the Ministry of Finance

Finance Department $40,000 Cyber ​​Investigation


A computer breach has forced the Department of Finance to launch a $40,000 “cyber investigation” to ensure the situation is “corrected.”

The contract with Enquêtes Forensik inc. was concluded by mutual agreement on July 15th. 

The flaw was discovered in early July, but the ministry declined to say how long it had been in place.

“The flaw was quickly patched. The Ministry of Finance is taking all necessary means to ensure the integrity of its computer systems and the confidentiality of the data they contain,” assured Philippe Bérubé, spokesperson for the government agency.

Not sensitive

The ministry also claims that “the system in question did not contain personal or sensitive information and was not linked to direct services to the population”. 

Finance Department $40,000 Cyber ​​Investigation

Eric Parent

A statement that raised eyebrows at a computer security expert consulted by our Investigation Office.

“Having hired experts of this type probably means that they had clues that something had been exploited,” analyzed cybersecurity expert Éric Parent.


Granting a contract to a private firm when there is no evidence to suggest data exploitation would be the equivalent of “doing a COVID test every time we go to do the grocery store.”

“Exploitable computer vulnerabilities, all organizations have them. It is calculated in tens of thousands. There is no need to panic: you are patching the sore,” added the president of EVA Technologies.

He also finds it not very credible that the ministry used $40,000 of public funds if he didn't at least suspect the exploitation of sensitive information.

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