44-year-old Charlize Theron admired figure in black mini dress

Charlize Theron took part in Photocall dramas “Scandal” in new York.

44-летняя Шарлиз Терон восхитила фигурой в чёрном мини-платье

In the film, the 44-year-old Theron plays along with centivany – Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie. This film tells the story of women who exposed and ousted from the throne his boss — the infamous founder of the most powerful and controversial media Empire of all time.

In the at the Crosby Street hotel, where the event took place, Charlize Theron arrived in a simple black mini dress with a white graphic element and a suede pointed toe tall boots on stiletto heels. At Theron was sleek makeup, some gold jewelry was in her ears and a gold chain on his neck. Color hair Actresses are becoming whiter — before Charlize was blonde.