44-year-old Eva Longoria dangerous is buried in the floral dress on the red carpet

Flower power! Eva Longoria looked absolutely amazing in her black dress with lush details and dramatic neckline.

44-летняя Ева Лонгория опасно утопает в цветочном платье на красной ковровой дорожке

44-year-old Eva Longoria is no stranger to surprise fans and photographers on the red carpet. But the actress raised your appearance to a whole new level on November 19, attending the 5th Global gift Foundation USA at the St. Regis in Mexico city. The star of “Desperate Housewives” looked resplendent in her black dress from Monique Luilu, which were pretty flowers, printed in various shades of blue, purple, pink and yellow flowers all over the dress. In addition to the dramatic effect of the ensembles, the dress was distinguished by a daring neckline, which passed through the upper part of the trunk eve. With simple accessories, including precious stones, pendant earrings and beautiful make-up, Eva looked absolutely gorgeous that night, supporting a cause near and dear to her heart.

And this is the reason and activity, which are in the foreground for eve. 19 Nov actress openly talked about the normalization of motherhood in the entertainment industry and their attempts to get rid of the stigma of the perception of working mothers. “For me it doesn’t matter, it’s just my life. I’m a mom, I have something to do,” shared Eva. The actress is the mother of one-year-old son, Santiago, who follows her mother wherever she went! “He’s ready to ride. Where I’m going, he’s there with me. I’m at the event, he was there with me. I’m on the set, he’s with me.

Eve is very serious about the fact that it was also her son. “Oh, I think it’s important that it is” vital that he was. This is partly normalizes motherhood in our industry. We are moms, and that’s what we do.” As a working mother, Eva uses her platform to continue the conversation about the power of women in the entertainment industry. And she does it all with a stunning, confident style fashion.

This is not the first time that eve appears in the image with the cutout. Actress and activist sported a similar way, attending AmFAR’s 2019 in Los Angeles on October 10 in a mustard dress. Again, it was in the style of eve. But whether it stands for social causes or overwhelming us new eyes, Eva always comes with a dose of confidence that shines more than anything!