49-year-old Naomi Campbell was “not yet ready” to become a mother and have a career

Naomi Campbell in my 49 is still in great shape: she tightened, has not a drop of excess fat, and keeps her skin radiant and youthful appearance. It seems that the supermodel is not going to grow old. She is still actively working on the set and takes part in fashion shows, and also involved in charity work. That’s just about the kids while Naomi thinks. It’s still early!

49-летняя Наоми Кэмпбелл «пока не готова» стать матерью и отказаться от карьеры

Recently Ms. Campbell gave an interview with the WSJ. Magazine, which openly spoke about their views on motherhood.

Naomi admitted that it is now most concerned about the fate of the unfortunate and almost dying of hunger, African boys and girls, whom she tirelessly helps through its volunteer activities. It is in dealing with them, Naomi realizes its maternal instinct.

But with regard to their own heir, then Campbell leaves everything to fate. “I’m not ready to have children, but I’ll see what will bring me in the future universe,” said star.

49-летняя Наоми Кэмпбелл «пока не готова» стать матерью и отказаться от карьеры

However, in addition to the African poor Naomi has another “daughter”. She was a 19-year-old model Adut Aketch. Campbell supports talented girl and helps her to make the first and has such bold steps in the modeling business. Many believe that Adut become a professional successor to Naomi.

However, according to Campbell, her solitude is no burden. “To always be one does not mean you’re lonely. I just don’t have time for this,” shared supermodel.