49-year-old Naomi Campbell was the heroine of the Guardian Weekend

Naomi Campbell is one of the major supermodels of the 90s. And perhaps she was the only one galaxy of the famous beauties of those times, including Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista and Claudia Schiffer, has managed to remain incredibly popular in the profession. She’s still walking on the catwalk, participating in the best shows, photoshoots for advertising campaigns and gives interview numerous publications. That is not surprising: looks like Naomi is still gorgeous, and big name stars only plays into the hands of brands and magazines.

49-летняя Наоми Кэмпбелл стала героиней Guardian Weekend

One of the latest editions that have graced the Naomi – Guardian Weekend. In the photoshoot for issue Campbell tried a lot of stylish outfits: a suit of denim, which complements the white shirt and chunky black shoes, a classic pink feminine blouse, Golden dress, extravagant designer outfits… each Naomi looked fresh and stylish.

Naomi also gave a Frank interview, where he spoke not only about his career and the difficulties she, as a black model had to face, and about his personal life. It turns out that her heart is not free and she is now in love and happy. However, the model did not admit anyone. But, in her words, “pretty damn exciting”. Naomi shared an important discovery for myself that it took years. “You must first accept and love ourselves and not look for that love in someone else. And then everything will come,” said star.

She also said, how about her age. The fact that next year the supermodel turns 50, as turns out, is completely okay with ageless beauty. To her age, she is very optimistic and even, according to her, eagerly waiting for this day. Naomi wants to celebrate the anniversary in a circle of family and friends, with those who were close in happy and difficult moments.