5 benefits to health from use of conventional beet

Usual cheap beet is a super-veggie: it’s filled with vitamins, iron and antioxidants, gives a sense of energy and strengthens the immune system. Among other important advantages from its use in the healthy liver, normalizing the pressure.

5 плюсов для здоровья от употребления обычной свеклы

Protects cells from damage. Betanin, the red pigment of vegetable beet, has strong antioxidant and anti-cancer effect — it protects body cells from damage and thus prevents inflammatory processes in the body.

Betaine also stimulates liver function, helping to remove toxins.

Strengthens the immune system.
The use of beets, thanks to its antioxidant betanin, strengthens the body’s defense against infections. This effect is further supported by other valuable substances in the beet, such as vitamin C, zinc and selenium. Inclined to cold people eat beets.

It also normalizes blood pressure. Ingredients beet prevent deposits in the blood vessels, reduce blood pressure and amino acids homocysteine (high homocysteine level in the blood is associated with the narrowing or blockage of arteries, development of atherosclerosis). Also has a positive effect on blood circulation: this effect is provided by a complex of iron , b vitamins and folic acid. Those suffering from anemia should regularly eat beets.

Improves brain function and performance. Consumption of beets helps to increase performance both mental and physical labor. The nitrates contained in beets turn into nitric oxide in the body, while blood vessels dilate, more oxygen is transported and, thus, improves the ability to concentrate. In turn, the beet minerals, potassium and magnesium, are very useful to strengthen the muscles.

Helps to lose weight. Regular consumption of beet can contribute to weight loss. This is mainly due to the high water content, vegetable protein and fiber in the vegetable; they maintains a constant blood sugar levels and prolong satiety.
In addition, fat burning is enhanced due to the action of beetroot nitrates, which increase the consumption of energy in muscle cells.