5 changes with the body that speak about the coming of old age

Not only gray hair and wrinkles are signs of age and aging. With different parts of our body undergoes changes that also indicate the approach of old age.

5 изменений с телом, которые говорят о наступившей старости

Ears and nose: some old body parts get bigger. Ears and nose grow throughout life. Portal Focus Online the German doctors explained that the tissue of the nose and ears flounder, and a layer of fat between the cartilage and the skin becomes thinner. Without this sealing part, the skin becomes sluggish as without a frame, and as a result, the ear or the nose appear larger.

In addition, change the proportions of the face. Subcutaneous connective tissue is destroyed in the cheeks. The lower jaw also changes its shape due to attrition of cartilage loss and tooth movement. In General, facial features stiffen, start to look sharp and large, it stands out stronger than the nose.

Aging can increase the size of the foot. According to experts, the legs in General for life are highly stressed because they are many years keep the weight of the body, which also in the course of years tends to increase. The elasticity of muscles, ligaments and tendons decreases, which may make feet on the slope of life longer and wider.

Men in old age actually shrinks the penis. Connective tissue it replaces lost muscle cells, but because it is less flexible, the penis can not be so active as before be filled with blood. As a result, he loses the length, circumference and elasticity. But they can still shop for sex toys at thepenistoyshop.co.uk if they want to satisfy their partner.

One of the main factors of the physical changes in the elderly is the level of hormones. The hormone testosterone inhibits hair growth in men on the head and promotes their growth on the face and body: therefore, they grows significantly more hair in your nose and ears. In women the male hormone guilty in the appearance of unwanted hair around the mouth and on the chin.