5 common in the United States fraudulent offers of ‘income at home’

The scammers are actively using the fact that a lot of people dream of working from home. The opportunity to earn money by staying in your pajamas on your own couch, can look incredibly attractive, but you should be careful of those who may deceive you, making an offer of such work, says MoneyTalksNews.

5 распространенных в США мошеннических предложений 'заработка на дому'

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Brie Weiler Reynolds, senior career coach FlexJobs, says that most websites vacancies is not carefully monitored, so the scammers are easy to reach potential “employees”. To check the job offer, search the Internet for the name of the company and the position, and add the keyword “Scam” (scam).

“Some schemes work at home illegal, nor do they provide any income except the income of the fraudsters who run them,” says Steve Weisman, a lawyer from Moltema, Massachusetts.

Here are a few normal schemes, which are disguised as legitimate work at home, but are actually scams.

1. You are asked to Deposit money in advance

You are promised that you can earn big money in your free time. Scammers ask you to purchase a starter kit or a fake certification, according to the Federal trade Commission (FTC). In addition, thieves can use your debit or credit card for making other purchases.


  • Skeptical of proposals that promise big money without much effort.
  • If you are asked to send money to get a job, it’s most likely a Scam.
  • Report the Scam to the FTC at: www.ftc.gov/complaint or contact the office of the state attorney General.

2. You offer to become a mystery shopper

This Scam is based on legal practice. Retail stores do hire mystery shoppers, who make purchases, and communicate how well employees working the store.

What happens when a scammer pretends that hires you, says FBI:

“You send a cheque for a decent amount and asked to submit it in your Bank account, then withdraw funds to shop and check the local shops and companies involved in electronic Bank transfers. You leave a small amount of money for his “work”, and then, in accordance with instructions sent by mail or electronic transfer the rest to their “employer””.

The problem is that the check from the scammer — it was originally a fake. And it may take several weeks before you found out about it. When the bogus check, finally returns, you have already lost your own money sent to the scammer.


  • Legitimate employers never overpay employees and not ask them to refund the money elsewhere, says Robert Siciliano, author of the book “Privacy identity theft”.

3. You offer to earn big money by entering data

Jobs data entry require employees to enter information into the company database. You can legally obtain such a job with virtually no experience, but don’t expect high payment.

Often such suggestions are not working. The scammer requires you to pay for registration or have bought special software that usually cost from 25 to $ 250.


  • The promise of big money should make you suspicious. This is especially true when the “employer” requires minimum skills, says Reynolds.

4. You are offered a job filling envelopes

According to the National consumers League, another common fraud related to work at home is to fill the envelopes.

Applicants are asked to pay to learn more about work at home. They are forced to believe that they will send materials on behalf of the companies. Instead, they give instructions on how to do the same, as that which they said, and ask other people to send money, ostensibly to learn how to work from home.


  • This is a typical pyramid scheme, says Reynolds. You earn money only when other people react to the same fraud that you are. Says the national consumers League: “You don’t get rich, and you can prosecute for fraud.”

5. You are invited to earn money through medical bills

The scammers are allegedly for processing medical claims electronically.

Here’s how it works. Sales representative explains that if you are willing to invest money will provide you with everything you need to start a profitable business billing for medical services. You can promise a list of potential clients and technical support.

In fact, listings that you get, most likely, obsolete. They can even include medical offices that do not require the services of billing.


  • Remember that medical billing is a highly competitive business with an experienced and reputable companies. Newbie with instructions and materials purchased online are unlikely to be able to compete with them.




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