5 everyday situations that can cause pain in my knees

Even light Jogging and regular walking can, under certain conditions, overload the knees and cause pain in them. The doctors pointed to “everyday” situations in which can cause the problem.

5 повседневных ситуаций, которые могут приводить к боли в коленях

Jogging. Many people wanting to lose weight or change your lifestyle, start to go Jogging in the nearest Park from home. Experts warn that during light Jogging, the load on the knee can exceed 300 kg each, and people who are overweight to be even higher. If you want to lose weight, when a large mass of weight, to start running is not: without special training it may “kill” the leg joints and lead to pain. In addition, an important the right shoes — high-quality sneakers, which would allow to absorb heavy blows.

Experts also note that the asphalt road for runners – not the best choice. Jogging is more suited soft and elastic soil, reminiscent of forest paths.

The walk down. When a man walks down walk down, it aggravates the knee load is about six times the weight of his body. Keep this in mind when, for example, you quickly go down the stairs without having support is one bad move can severely hurt the feet. In addition, in a situation of descent suffer the knees of overweight people.

The rise of the stairs. While climbing each step down on the joints of the legs weight, is four to five times greater than the weight of the body. To reduce the load on your knees, it is important to maintain body weight within normal limits. This is especially important if the knee is already damaged and the pain in them is familiar.

When a person squats, his kneecap is starting to put pressure on the joint, weighing four times the weight of the body. Experts give advice: to avoid overload on the legs, don’t bend knees more than 90 degrees. If you have to squat because of work, then it is better not to use a pose “squatting” and kneel, which must be bearing – special knee pad or pillow.

Walking. Yes, walking was good. Regular physical exercises improve joint function and strengthen cartilage and ease the pain of arthritis. But when a large body weight every knee may be experiencing a load of 150 kg and more, and as a result useful walking can cause pain in the knee joints. Full of people it makes sense to consult with your doctor: perhaps, when walking they should use tools.

To drop the excess weight for protection from pain in the joints of legs should be in any case: it reduces the very high load that they are forced to bear daily.