5 foods that ruin your teeth is not worse than sugar

We all know that sugar – pest beauty and health of teeth. From childhood we are afraid of tooth decay and even tooth loss, if you eat too much candy. But parents don’t always say that there are other products that are not worse than sugar in this matter. More details in the material.

5 продуктов, которые портят зубы не хуже сахара

Citrus products

Many are convinced that fruit allow you to find the beauty, health, a charge of vitamins and minerals. However, citrus products are not of the good for teeth. They contain citric acid, which affects tooth enamel. So after eating lemons, grapefruit or oranges, it is recommended to rinse the mouth with plain water. Also can save chewing gum.

Food coloring

Food coloring is a very strong dye, not only from apparel, but also from tooth enamel. For example, red wine contains a pigment which spoils the beauty of a white smile. Coffee, blueberries, cherries, blackberries – all these products do not spoil the less teeth than sugar.


About the dangers of alcohol, but few people think about their impact on teeth. Very often, after a party drunk people may notice dry mouth. The hero of the occasion alcohol suspends salivary glands than spoils the teeth. The oral cavity remains an important component washes away food debris, normalizing acid-alkaline balance, which ultimately destroys tooth enamel.

Crunchy foods

Hard and crunchy foods may spoil the teeth no less than sugar. Microscopy and crack proof. So before you reach for chips, crackers or nuts, think about the health of their teeth.


Even the normal water can harm the teeth. Therefore it is better to drink bottled or filtered. The same applies to the pieces of ice that often people working. It can ruin the surface of the teeth. But most importantly, remember that for the health of the teeth do not completely exclude harmful products, I just have to stop.