5 foods that slow down the gray hair

Few of us like the appearance of graying hair. It turns out that there are foods that prevent this process.

5 продуктов питания, замедляющих седину

Emblika. Fruit tree, very common in India, which is one of the main components of a local medicine. Emblika saturated with vitamin C, antioxidants and other nutrients that slow the graying of hair and loss of hair, and also the emergence of other signs of aging. It is best to add fruit embliki into the water to then wash the hair.

Almonds. The researchers found that the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in hair follicles changes their color from the inside. These clusters occur when the reduced level of the enzyme catalase. And this happens due to age, stress and improper diet. Here is the almond just increases the level of catalase in the body that protects against early graying.

Chocolate. A recent study by researchers from the USA showed that grey hair can be an indicator of iron deficiency and of copper in the body. Dark chocolate — excellent source of iron and copper, it prevents gray hair.

Eggs. Another rich source of protein, eggs saturate and prevent the accumulation of alcohol in the body. They contain amino acids that contribute to the rapid metabolism of alcohol. Eggs give a feeling of satiety for a long time, which helps to avoid the absorption of carbs and fried foods.

Tangerine. A rich source of vitamin C which participates in production of collagen proteins. It is the connective tissue which makes up our hair. You can use tangerine in the evening or drink the juice out of it. It has a pleasant sweet aroma and is well digested.