5 foods to enhance blood circulation

From the normal blood circulation depends on many aspects of our health, including protection against cardiovascular diseases and senile dementia. There are certain foods that increase circulation.

5 продуктов для усиления циркуляции крови

Grenades. Pomegranate juice is rich in polyphenolic antioxidants and nitrates, which help the blood to pass through the body and oxygenate the muscle tissue. Researchers from the US found that drinking 1,000 mg of pomegranate for 30 minutes before physical activity increases blood flow, dilates blood vessels and improves athletic performance.

Bow. Full of antioxidants, flavonoids, and studies have shown that this vegetable improves circulation by expanding arteries and veins. The use of 4.3 g of onion daily after main meals significantly increases the performance of the extensibility of the arteries and increases blood flow. Onion also has anti-inflammatory effects.

Garlic. Sulfur components like allicin in garlic are associated with a reduction in blood pressure due to the weakening of the walls of arteries and veins. The use of tablets with garlic, containing 1 200 mg of allicin twice a day for three months, 50% higher than in the blood flow.

Oily fish. Mackerel, trout and tuna contain large amounts of omega-3. They promote secretion of nitric oxide which is mixed with blood and improves blood flow.

Tomatoes. Studies indicate that tomato extract dilates blood vessels, which improves blood flow. Tomatoes reduce the activity of angiotensin converting enzyme in the body. This enzyme affects the blood pressure.