5 habits that predispose to depression

You are constantly faced with negative thoughts, stress or tension? Possibly the specific reasons for this are not, but certain habits can contribute to depression.

5 привычек, предрасполагающих к депрессии

Concentration on negative thoughts. Each of us sometimes encounters some sort of serious problems, but it’s not the end of the world. Should not concentrate on negative thoughts, practice constructive activities and focus on the positive aspects of life. Stop unnecessarily thinking about things that cause you a lot of stress.

Avoid drinking alcohol. Sometimes it seems that the spirits allow to be forgotten, but they eventually only reinforce negative thinking. Alcohol is not the answer to problems in life, they need to be addressed, and not try to hide from them. In addition, alcohol can cause the addiction.

Don’t isolate yourself. Many people think that in isolation it is easier to cope with some troubles and sad thoughts. But don’t turn it into a habit. Do not think that only in isolation, you will be able to defeat his demons, and therefore you need to restrict all contact with the outside world. Any of us need the love and support of others.

Try to get some sleep. The longer we don’t sleep at night, the more I think about something disturbing and negative. A healthy and prolonged sleep refreshes and rejuvenates us. It supports mood, reduces stress and enhances brain health, and allows you to fight against anxiety disorders and stress.

Smaller social networks. Try not to live in the virtual world, which is different from the real one. The difference between what we see online and what exists in reality can be a cause of stress and anxiety disorders. Get rid of addiction to social networks.