5 high-paying specialties 2020, which did not exist 10 years ago

2010 years marked a decade of uncertainty in the US labor market. In many sectors were still noticeable effects of the great recession, the unemployment rate in the country amounted to 9.7% of the graduates of 2010 was the worst labor market in a generation. By the summer of that year more than a million unemployed citizens have ceased to look for her, writes CNBC. In ten years, much has changed — the market has improved considerably for most workers, especially in the field of technology.

5 высокооплачиваемых специальностей 2020 года, которых не существовало 10 лет назад

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While technology has eliminated some of the functions of people, this process also contributed to the emergence of completely new professions over the last 10 years — many of them well paid, partly because of the shortage of workers with the necessary skills to fill new jobs that are critical to maintain business competitiveness.

CNBC talked to a senior analyst economic research Glassdoor by Amanda Stansell about the specialties that barely existed at the turn of the decades, but exploded in growth and the average wage for 2010-2020.

Expert on analytical data (Data scientist): $107 697 per year

In 2012 the Harvard Business Review called specialty expert analysis “the sexiest job of the 21st century.” And for the last four years, Glassdoor recognized her work number 1 in the US on the basis of job satisfaction, pay and opportunities.

Stansell said that the demand for data scientists is still the most concentrated in the technology sector, but is growing in all sectors: health, Finance, business, retail, media and others.

“All these companies need a data specialist who will be able to use the growing amount of data and turn them into something valuable,” says Stansell.

Although the term “data science” was first invented by William S. Cleveland as an independent discipline (separate from traditional statistics) in 2001, jobs in this area grew most rapidly after 2010. This is due to the fact that more and more companies are investing in technologies to collect data. Therefore, soared a need for professionals who can interpret the data.

Because it is still a relatively new area, many of the contemporary experts in analytical data have different knowledge in computer science, mathematics, statistics, and technology. However, in the last decade, more universities began to offer special degree courses and even academic courses on data science.

The information security engineer (Information security engineer): $ 100 553 a year

With 2010 as a result of breaking data has been compromised more than 38 billion account, according to the company’s cyber security Risk Based Security. These violations and the protection of user data has led to the fact that information security has become one of the fastest growing areas. Engineers information security working to protect computer network systems, as well as plan and carry out security measures to protect confidential information from hacking and cyber attacks.

“As in recent years there is more and more high-profile breaches of data privacy, companies began to need people who could help them to protect information,” says Stansell.

According to the forecast Bureau of labor statistics, by 2028, the growth of jobs in this specialty will be 32% (the average growth rate for all occupations is 5%).

However, the need for information security specialists have significantly eclipsed the number of people with skills to do the job. According to Department of Commerce, the country has a population of 350,000 unfilled jobs in the field of cybersecurity. According to estimates by Cybersecurity Ventures, a research and analytical company, by 2021 3.5 million jobs in the cybersecurity industry around the world remains unfilled.

This shortage of talent means that employees are paid generously. Although these Glassdoor suggests that engineers on information security receives an average basic salary of just over $ 100,000 a year, according to data company SilverBull dealing with cybersecurity, top positions, for example, the position of the chief information security can bring more than $ 300,000 a year.

Director of diversity and inclusion (Director of diversity and inclusion): $ 98 154 per year

The only high-paying new job for the decade, which does not fall into the technological space, is work that is focused on the culture of the workplace, especially in the area of diversity and inclusion. The position of Director of D&I is so new that Glassdoor does not have sufficient data on wages, but the service uses to benchmark the salary of the HR Director in the amount of 98 of 154 dollars a year.

According to the Glassdoor survey, conducted in 2019, 61% of American servicemen witnessed or experienced discrimination in the workplace on grounds of age, race, gender or LGBT identity. Meanwhile, last year the number of vacancies related to diversity and integration, increased by 30%, for example, actively offered the position of Director, D&I, program Manager, consultant, diversity consultant, and D&I.

“This suggests that the challenges faced by workers as employers try to exert influence in this area, says Stansell — that is actually an encouraging sign that employers invest in creating a workplace”.

Large companies that employ 5,000 or more employees, make the large investments in the expansion of its divisional D&I, probably because they have the financial resources to do so.

Stansell predicts that progress will continue in the next decade. According to a survey Deloitte conducted in 2017, 72% of employees said they would consider leaving their company to join another with the best initiatives and programmes diversity.

“In the next few years we will continue to observe how average companies are investing in diversity and integration, especially because it is very important for job seekers,” says Stansell.

Sales engineer (Sales engineer): $ 90 000 per year

Sales engineers work in technology companies selling specialized software and products to other businesses seeking to expand their it efforts.

“As a technology company, offer potential customers a really valuable products, they must be able to adapt to each individual [client], says Stansell. — The presence of sales engineer, which is the link between sales and engineering aspects, it is very important to ensure that the needs of the potential customer satisfied.”

Because the employees should have a wealth of knowledge about these products and understand the scientific processes underlying their activities, sales engineers typically have the technical knowledge (for example, a degree in computer science or engineering). However, Stansell adds that they also need good interpersonal skills such as communication skills, negotiation and marketing to offer clients customized solutions in the sales process.

Professionals with marketing experience can also learn more about technical products and software to advance in this profession.

Although Glassdoor estimates the average annual salary for a sales engineer 90 000 dollars a year, payment can vary depending on what the company sells. For example, the Bureau of labor statistics says that those who work in the telecommunications industry, tend to receive more all — around 118,000 dollars per year, followed by sales engineers in the design of computer systems and wholesale electronic markets, which also get a six-figure salary.

Developer Salesforce (Salesforce developer): $ 80 357 a year

Salesforce is a software company developing cloud-based software that specializiruetsya on customer relationship management. It was founded in 1999 and its impact on jobs in the United States has increased significantly over the last 10 years, so that the developer role Salesforce became a popular position in companies like Google, Amazon, PwC and Uber.

The developers use the Salesforce platform or Salesforce, cloud-based technology to encode the software or application solutions for your company to better connect with customers, partners and potential customers.

“This is born of a successful technological product that has changed the ways of working and organization data companies,” says Stansell.

Developers usually have experience in computer science and may be certified in specific applications or processes in Salesforce. However, these developers also need communication skills to interpret data and workflows to non-technical audience.

“I think we will continue to see this trend in the future with a really successful technical products, says Stansell. — People who can learn these skills and apply them in different companies, can have a really good career opportunities.”