5 low-calorie foods, which does not work to lose weight

Nutrition is important to establish in order to lose weight. It’s not just empty words but a reality, which will help to get rid of excess weight. However, not all products are able to work a miracle. There is a certain food that is considered helpful when losing weight, but to lose weight does not help. We are talking about the following products.

5 низкокалорийных продуктов, с которыми не получится похудеть

Rice cakes

At first glance it is an ideal product for weight loss. It is often included in a variety of diets, fasting days. They are considered to be low in calories, such that you can eat in almost unlimited quantities. In fact the rice that is used in the manufacture, is subjected to heat treatment under high pressure. In the end, there are lost nutrients and moisture. In addition, the starch breaks down into simple carbohydrates, thus, it is not the best product to lose weight.

Apple cider vinegar

Many recipes included Apple cider vinegar, especially diet. As it is believed that this product reduces appetite, burns fat and speeds up metabolism. But in fact, this product is quite dangerous. Inappropriate its use method

Low-fat dairy products

Marked “fat-free” does not mean that the product is useful and will help you to lose weight. Usually such products do not contain animal fats, but sugar is more than enough. Therefore, it is difficult to call such milk is low in calories. It is better to eat regular foods, but in limited quantities.

Fitness bars

We can’t call this product an ideal in order to lose weight. Despite the fact that the manufacturers claim them as low-calorie, in bars there are always nuts, seeds, dried fruit. All this is quite rich in calories. Add refined fats, syrups and sugar that are also part of this product, you get a vigorous mix. If there are fitness bars, that take into account their caloric content and composition. And it is better to cook this dish yourself so you can be sure in the quality of the product.

Vegetable chips

Many people love chips, but ordinary potato, on the weight loss, of course, prohibited. Then see slimming supposedly a great replacement to vegetable chips. As a snack they seem to be perfect. But these low-calorie foods actually contain a lot of oil, salt, sugar and other harmful substances. So, don’t overuse a similar product if you want to lose weight.