5 million. which were allocated by UEFA and FIFA to combat coronavirus in Ukrainian football is only virtual, – the Secretary General of the UAF

5 млн долл., которые выделили УЕФА и ФИФА на борьбу с коронавирусом в украинском футболе – пока только виртуальные, - генсек УАФ

Yuri Zapesotsky

The Secretary-General of the Ukrainian Association football (UAF) Yuri Zapesotsky reported that the UAF do not have a full understanding of the mechanism of the organization is allocated by UEFA and FIFA funds to fight the pandemic coronavirus.

“Ukrainian Association football needs to obtain 4.3 million euros (4.6 million dollars) from UEFA and another $ 0.5 million. from FIFA in the form of aid to combat coronavirus. When the decision about the use of these funds?

As I understand it, may 27, will have videospornos UEFA, which will be finally approved all regulations, including that the money can be used”, – quotes the official Football.ua.

“While these virtual money. Neither the date nor the manner of financing has not yet been determined. We still do not fully understand how much money and what you spend. We, like you, learn more about it from the press releases of UEFA.

It is important to understand that physically the money yet. UEFA has declared that they will help, said those funds 4.3 million for each Association. As we discussed in the last video conference of the secretaries General, as it is a money programme Hat-trick, will meet the Committee Hat-trick, then another will be the UEFA Executive Committee, and after that it will full understanding. As soon as a clear work schedule, we will be happy to comment on what I can do and who to help,” said Zapesotsky.