5 questions to Olivier Gaudet-Savard, content producer at Game Master

5 questions to Olivier Gaudet-Savard, content producer at Maître du jeu


When a program is renewed for 14 seasons, it is the guarantee of an effective concept that has conquered its audience. This is the case of Taskmaster, the British format with which Olivier Gaudet-Savard is now having fun in his Quebec adaptation. After being a director for theater and comedy, the creator made the jump to TV where he oversees the content of shows such as ALT , Blind Flirting, Judgment Questions or 1st time. He is the master of the game behind the cameras, solving the challenges and making sure that despite the pitfalls, everyone keeps smiling. For our enjoyment. 

Game Master is an adaptation of the UK format Taskmaster. Our humor is quite different. How did you go about making it Quebec?

First, we have the advantage of being able to build on the success of 14 seasons. We were able to dip into what we wanted to deliver Season 1 and make sure everything worked. Indeed, our humor is different. We chose the challenges that would resonate best, whose concepts are easy to understand. There are challenges that we have eliminated, a sign of the times. Challenges with food, for example. We want to avoid waste. Others were too absurd or too intellectual. We opted for more visual, faster, more dynamic challenges. We are somewhere between Rise the challenge and Jackass

Olivier Gaudet-Savard

The comedians were they brave or careless to lend themselves to the game?

All have been extremely generous, because there is nothing “staged”. When they open the envelope, they discover the challenge for real and it starts now. The only thing we told them was that we weren't going to laugh at them. There is never a right or wrong answer. There is no stuffing turkey. We have always respected their limits and the five comedians are doing well. All the challenges have been filmed first and when we edit the shows, we make sure that everyone has a good curve.

Can you tell us how kind of competitors we are dealing with?

Christine (Morency) is always trying to get around the rules. She's here to win. She will look for the flaw. Ève (Côté) is a great competitor. She always goes headlong. Matthieu (Pepper) is the clumsy, the refractory. It fits well with his likeable loser persona. Jo (Cormier), his brain thinks completely differently from ours. Mehdi (Bousaidan) is the precision player. He is surgical in his way of operating.

Do comedians really discover their performances at the same time as us? Was it a challenge to keep surprises?

What was important was that our comedians did not see each other during filming. Everyone had their schedule. They shot 4-5 days with 8-9 challenges per day. They were isolated. We were lucky to have Mont Saint-Bruno as a partner. It is an extraordinary place that allowed us to avoid travel. It is only on the set that they find out where they stand in relation to others. But I must say that it is also a show of accessories. The props team works hard to provide all kinds of opportunities for our comedians to meet the challenges. The shed is always well filled to give them a good playground without lining them up too much. Visually, it is very beautiful. Each sequence is shot like a short film.

The last challenge is shot on set in front of the audience. Does it add stress to them or on the contrary stimulate them?

The last challenge is always “live”. At the first recording, we felt them more nervous, inhabited by the concern to perform well. But quickly they were fed by the crowd. What's fun with this show is that you can't prepare anything. Each comedian will react in his own way. We only do “one take”. It gives moments of hilarity like when Jo Cormier bites an egg! Every day at least one of them managed to amaze us. 

Game Master Thursdays 8 p.m. on Noovo